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Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 01/29/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.

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AC360 Later was Anderson sitting behind the desk, not a panel, and basically a repeat of AC360 with the exception of a segment on Syria during which Anderson discussed the situation with Peter Bergen and a 360 News & Business Bulletin with Stephanie Elam. 

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Anonymous said...

1/29/14 AC360 touchedbriefly on Atlanta weather &nice comment to police officer helping with birth of baby. The Bebier incident wasnt dragged out when Geragos &Hostin go at it an interview is spoiled. The interview with Erick Munos was professionally done but then I wouldnt expect anything less. I hope this humble family will find some peace in days ahead. Just as I was turning to a BC station Piers Morgan came on with "Breaking News" on Justin Bebier being arrested -OMG that was Breaking News over 2hrs ago -does it need to be Breaking News all night !! No AC360Later but might havd been shunted to later time. Why do they keep doin this??

Jaanza said...

Wednesday's 360 was okay; there was a variety of news stories all very well presented. However, I was surprised there was nothing about Obama's State of the Union speech (Hayes had a panel) nor a Bulletin (did I just miss it?).

The cold and ice in and around Atlanta was big news and I appreciated Anderson spending some time on what public officials knew before the ice storm hit, what they could have done and their excuses now. Anderson's phone interview with the cop who delivered a baby during an ice-induced traffic jam while it was also coincidentally his own birthday, that was cute. Mike Holmes also had a good report on the current situation.

My favorite line in the Justin Bieber segment was from Mark Geragos, "Most of these things are not the most important thing in the world." Of course for Sunny Hostin Bieber's three arrests were equivalent to signs of the Apocalypse. They had a rousing, talk-over-each-other debate and it was entertaining but I wish Geragos wouldn't have ended it by saying, "Someone needs to egg Sunny's house." That was a stupid thing to say.

It would have been awesome, if Anderson's interview with Erick Munoz and Lynne Machado had been live, if Anderson had asked Hostin to stay and explain her statements regarding Marlise Munoz ("I am CERTAIN she would want to be kept alive...") to Marlise's husband and mother.

Next up was a report on state Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) who threatened and hassled a reporter after the SOTU speech last night. I missed part of this because of drama in the house which also made me miss part of the Munoz interview.

Could someone who was able to pay clloser attention let me know if Anderson ever asked Munoz or Machado what they thought about experts/pundits who claimed to be CERTAIN they knew exactly what Marlise wanted?

Elizabeth Cohen had a predictable, by-the-numbers report on the norovirus infected cruise ship.

The Ridiculist made me realize my DH could be Ambassador to Norway. He's more qualified than George Siris (sp?); he knows more about the country and can even speak a little Norwegian. However, it was quite a stretch for Anderson to link this to that much-used clip of Miss Teen South Carolina.

Anderson is still my favorite newscaster so it kind of hurts to point this out. On Monday, I predicted viewers would change the channel when 360 started with a lengthy interview of Creigh Deebs (the one which looked like a '60 Minutes' repeat, thanks to Monday's posters who stated more background info on this interview). Anyway, I just checked the ratings for Monday. Hayes beat Anderson, getting double the numbers in every category.

One of the posters on Monday said Ted Turner offered to come back to CNN and fix everything. How can I help make that happen?

Anonymous said...


Go ahead and say it. Say it loud and say it proud..... "I SWITCHED TO HAYES." This is one night when I promise I won't cringe when you post these words. With the exception of the Munoz interview, this has to be the most embarrassing and pathetic broadcast from AC360 I've ever seen. Everything from the Justin Bieber breaking news fiasco to an AC360 staffer using the hashtag #braindead to promote the Munoz interview on Twitter.

CNN is in a ratings free fall. Jeff Zucker has taken a network that was a solid number two when he came on board and turned it into.... I don't know how to describe it now. Nothing is promoted. You don't when certain shows are going to show up. I originally saw a posting for AC360 Later on Monday night. It didn't happen. Then there was a posting for AC360 Later to occur tonite (Wednesday). It didn't happen. The AC360 website was not updated at all yesterday. You have one of the most esteemed journalists in the country doing segments that belong on Entertainment Tonite. Even Anderson seemed to be cringing during the Justin Bieber segment. He looked like "I can't believe I'm actually talking about Justin Bieber." "Are you kidding me?" He was taking some unkind hits about the quality of his show tonite on Twitter also. Although I do think he has to shoulder some of the blame. He came back from DC and had time to post pictures of himself on Instagram with the mini Cooper doll and he and his staff sent out tweets about how the mini Cooper doll was hanging around the AC360 office today. Oy!
But no one could take the time to update the 360 info on CNN's website.

I luv my Coop but I don't know how much longer I can remain a loyal CNN watcher. Things need to change and fast.

BTW ATA Staff. I am loving the Mole. Thank you for posting the episodes. I had never seen the show before. Good job! Although at the rate you are posting the episodes, I am not going to find out who the Mole is until summertime. Keep up the good work anyway.


aries moon said...

The Munoz family went through such a horrible ordeal caused by their hospital and Texas law--it wouldn't surprise me if they left the state. Anderson's handling of the interview with the Munoz family was sensitive and compassionate as usual--few people can match AC when it comes to these sorts of interviews.

MSNBC seems to get good ratings without resorting to Beiber coverage. Anderson couldn't seem to get through that report and segment with Geragos and Hostin fast enough.

The Ridiculist might've been funnier if it weren't for the fact that John McCain was the 'hero' at the center of it. He should keep his mouth shut considering that he wanted Sarah Palin (a complete idiot) for vice president.

I hope the regular AC360 Later returns next week--this was a rather disjointed few days for CNN and it's understandable that they didn't bother to put on the usual AC360 Later.