Thursday, January 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper & AC360 Later Thursday, 01/16/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.

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Anonymous said...

Turned on to CNN at 4pm here &snjoyed DonLemon who had some humerous segments.AC360 had the usual.Interesting to hear comments on Christie although not US resident never did like him.He will likely squirm out of it. There needs to be better solution to death sentences even tho very controversal.Is AC trying to grow a mustache? Several times lately has looked like it. Dr. Ruth is such an entertaining guest a great lady with a lot of courage to tackle a subject which many think should not be talked about.Hope to see her on again she gets Anderson at his cutest -blushing in a better way than KG. Maybe she could be the next co host for NYE !! Doubt AC would need much advice just tobe well treated.Nice that he asked about LGBT people ssking advice. I also do not like SM comments on screen they are af the choice of production staff who choose what they want to show.They do detract from program.

Jaanza said...

@Anon 11:38 PM - I don't like the social media comments on 360's screen either. While which comments actually are put on screen is the choice of the production staff, I still believe, or hope to believe, that it's Anderson's choice to have them there at all. It's his name in the show title; how much control CNN head honchos like Zucker have I'm not really sure.

Anderson has been choosing to have the 'Murder Cover-Up' Wright Texas story prominent on 360. I haven't seen this story reported on The Situation Room or even For some reason it's on 360 ahead of front-page news like Gov. Christie and 20 subpoenas. And that's why people are turning the channel.

Granted, today there was a few minutes on the southern California wildfires. Anderson talked to Casey Wian who was on location. As soon as that was over and yet another 'Murder Cover-Up' report began, I switched to MSNBC. Hayes was talking to a NJ politician and a NYTimes guy about Christie and the subpoenas.

In the second segment, Anderson finally talked about Christie with Dana Bash, Jeffrey Toobin and David Gergen. It was okay but, compared to Hayes' segment, rather subdued. If Anderson really wanted to he could have gotten a NJ politician on the panel, someone who has a dog in this game to speak out.

Paradoxically, having said that, I'm glad there weren't any politicians in the segment about the newest Benghazi report. John King answered questions about it, said "It's a pretty damning indictment of the State Department." Other than hearing that, I don't remember much of this.

Crime story number two was an update on the death of GA teen athlete Kendrick Johnson. Again, Anderson or someone at 360 is very interested in this story, a full segment instead of the Bulletin. I was more interested in Hayes coverage of new tinkering with the Voting Rights Act and voter IDs. Now Sen. Vitter (R-NC) wants people to show a photo ID before using food stamps. Will we see Anderson report on this?

Late in the show there was Breaking News on the names of the 20 people receiving subpoenas about Bridgegate. Anderson and Dana Bash discussed this for a few minutes before the third crime story involving football player Aaron Hernandez.

I didn't see enough of The Ridiculist to understand exactly who that guy was or his connection to Chippendale dancers.

My apologies to all Hayes-haters here but when he has news I'm more interested in I gotta say so. Hopefully, the 'Murder Cover-Up' story has run it's course and we won't see it Friday; That'll help.

aries moon said...

Anderson really seemed to be going after Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi discussion on AC360 Later--he almost seemed pleased that the GOP could use the latest Benghazi report for attack ads should Hillary decide to run. Hillary will survive Benghazi if she runs because Christie's tarnished his reputation--his future is uncertain and most of the GOP field is laughable. Why is it that AC and some of the pundits are quick to say that Democrats may be overplaying their hand with the Christie scandal, but never said that the GOP were overplaying THEIR hand with Benghazi, IRS and Fast & Furious by conducting multiple and frequent investigations with the sole intent of bringing down POTUS?

AC had some eye-opening comments about the various methods of execution. I don't believe in the death penalty because innocent people have been put to death.

Dr. Ruth's segment was great--she lights up any room she's in and has such a good attitude with lots of wisdom and humor--I loved the conversations especially the discussion between AC and Sunny Hostin about staying friends with old lovers. The screen shots of a grumpy, disapproving looking Jeff Toobin during this segment were hilarious because he actually was really involved and interested.

I checked Wedneday's ratings for Later and they weren't good. I'm not sure why CNN doesn't promote the show--they were promoting it initially with a not so great TV ad--what's preventing them from doing an ad showing some of the better moments of the program? The documentaries get far more promotion than 360/Later--I know that's part of Zucker's plan, but if you're going to do a show like Later, a little well produced promotion might help it do a little better in the ratings. You can't just rely on tweets and a brief mention at the end of 360 to peak viewer's interest in the show. The lack of promotion makes me think CNN isn't fully committed to the program.

Anonymous said...

Love Dr. Ruth and her speaking about relationships is nice but the sex talk is what's up with the blond seat filler who only giggles? The other day she said something to the effect of the pot being stronger than the pot of the 60's. Actually according to many old timer hippies from the era it's been said the drugs from back in the 60's where known to be better purer and stronger than today's cut up with garbage and tampered with who knows what drugs. Not that it's a good thing in any light drugs and all, but she seems to be a bit of a doofus, maybe just a pretty face filling a seat to appease the men viewers(or women) who like blonds? heh idk.

Anonymous said...

No, the Democrats are not overplaying their hand with the Christie scandal. It's a gift that just keeps on giving. Every day there is a new revelation and the 13 subpoenas are now hitting Christie's inner circle. Hope it is televised....standing room only.
There has been NO new news on Benghazi and Anderson knows it.
By the time Hillary decides to run, Benghazi will be old news and
Christie's future will already be known and it will not be good.
So someone needs to call Anderson on his right wing nonsense.
That's why I've given up watching him. He's just annoying.
And what has Dr. Ruth been eating?
That woman doesn't seem to age....not that I want to look like her, but twenty years ago she looked exactly the same as she does now.