Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper & AC360 Later Tuesday, 01/21/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the anchor chair...

AC360 Later was a strange mix of Anderson outside TWC Live, repeat segments of AC360 and then Anderson back in the studio Live at the end.

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Anonymous said...

AC360 was a lot about Chris Christie which as I am no a American was abit much but try to keep myself aware of world around me so its all a learning exoerience.The weather also &of course crazy Rob Ford was at it again.He never seems to quit..In AC360Later it was nice to see Anderson out in the weather giving a real report (and looking quite nice in his jacket). H e good reports from Chsd Meyers who is always good at weather. AC said weather was -12. Here in interior of BC where I am we had -5 &with windchill was -12 (yesterday) ; today a little warmer but no snow. Am wondering if there is any decision on who CNN is sending to Sochi &what if anything they are doing to ensure thier safety.

Jaanza said...

I didn't like Tuesday's 360 as much as Monday's.

Part of the reason was the long opening segment about the weather. Cold and snow is simply the same old stuff here in Minnesota. Of course cold and snow in other parts of the U.S. may be incredibly important, relevant and fascinating to some viewers but I changed the channel. Later, when I returned, Anderson was talking to Phil Black about terror threats and the Sochi Olympics.

There is a great deal to talk about in the indictment of former Gov. McDonnell (R-VA) as Hayes and Maddow made clear. Anderson spent a few minutes with Joe Johns discussing McDonnell, perhaps three or four minutes tops. At one point during the McDonnell coverage, the subtitle on screen called it a "gift scandal". I did catch a glimpse of another subtitle with "fraud" as one of the charges but can't remember more of it. The label "gift scandal" makes it sound too one-sided, as if McDonnell didn't promise the gift-giver (Jonnie Williams of Star Scientific) beneficial deals in return.

Then most of the second segment was devoted to Rudy Guiliani defending Gov. Christie and slamming Mayor Zimmer. At first Guiliani was all 'I don't know much about this....have to wait and see what comes out...' But quickly dismissed Zimmer as 'making contradicting statements', 'inconsistent', 'don't understand why she waited...' Anderson was much more softball with Guiliani today than with Zimmer yesterday. Another change of the channel when it became apparent there wasn't going to be anyone else there to offer a counter-point to Guiliani's statements.

I didn't understand why there was time devoted to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford instead of more important news. Ford was taped doing something stupid and that's automatically news? I'd bet the back forty Ford will be doing plenty of stupid things in the future and most of them will not deserve any kind of deep in-depth lengthy analysis on 360.

The story on Ford was paired with Ed Lavendera looking into TX state congresswoman Wendi Davis' past. There is some discrepancy in the details of her given biography; Lavendera called them "elusive details". Compared to Christie and McDonnell and their scandals, this didn't seem like much of a big deal.

At the end, Anderson talked to Ric O'Barry, a dolphin activist, about the dolphin slaughter in Japan. This was a very good conversation and probably the first time "Thank you, Yoko Ono!" has been said on the show.

aries moon said...

My comment on Monday's AC360 & Later didn't post but I wanted to say they did a good job with booking the guests--all of the major players and both shows were well done and informative. Loved Carl Bernstein in particular and even Dana Bash, who I generally don't care for, was a strong panelist and didn't let the panel downplay how potentially bad it is for Christie's future.

Such good shows last night, I knew they'd go and spoil it with the inclusion of Rudy Giuliani--can't imagine why AC/360 thinks his opinion is of any value or relevance.

It was weird to see AC randomly standing outside at the beginning of Later but I liked all of the snow reports with the correspondents and normally that kind of thing doesn't interest me. Jason Carroll got walloped.