Monday, January 13, 2014

Anderson Cooper Attends Events Friday Night in LA

CNN hosted a party Friday night as part of the Television Critics Association tour.  Anderson was one of many CNN anchors in attendance.  So if you thought Friday's AC360 looked a bit different, Anderson was in the LA studio.  Photos from

From there Anderson was off to the opening of Diane von Furstenberg's Journey of a Dress Exhibiton at LACMA, celebrating the designer's 40th anniversary.  Photos from

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Party: The gala Golden Globe weekend opening of Diane von Furstenberg's Journey of a Dress Exhibiton at LACMA, celebrating the designer's 40th anniversary, on Friday, Jan. 10.

The Place: The old Wilshire May Company Building at Fairfax and Wilshire, and the future home of the new Academy of Motion Pictures -- filled to the brim with printed colorful DVF wrap dresses that looked like a sea of candy on their various mannequins on platforms.

The Players: DVF and husband Barry Diller, Moby, Jeff Bezos, Christian Louboutin (in a natty burgundy suit), Anderson Cooper, Abbie Cornish, Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara on the arm of stylist Ryan Hastings, Marisa Tomei (in vintage DVF), Joe Jones, Tobey Maguire, Julie Delpy, Demi Moore, Edward Norton, Chris Martin, Crystal Lourd, Bryan Lourd, Seth Meyers, Loree Rodkin, Martin Lawrence Bullard, Coco Rocha, Erin Wasson, Andre Leon Talley holding court with Anna Wintour, Dawn Hudson, Howard Rosenman, David Geffen, Uma Thurman, Robin Wright with Ben Foster, Gelila Puck, Jed Root, W's Stefano Tonchi. The room was also packed with every major New York journalist covering the Globes over the weekend.

The Scene: Was there anyone who wasn't there? It certainly didn't appear to be. Booking this exhibition opening on Golden Globe weekend was a stroke of genius. When David Geffen (in a suit, no less) is posing for pictures with Barry Diller, you know it's an occasion. The hallway entrance to the dress exhibition is filled with fabulous DVF history: portraits of designer, muse, and collector Diane von Furstenberg by artists Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, Chuck Close, Francesco Clemente, Helmut Newton, and Annie Leibovitz. The exhibition also includes stills from the wrap dress’ big screen cameos, from Cybill Shepherd in Taxi Driver to Amy Adams in American Hustle.  (please click on the above link for the full article)

Andy Cohen was emcee for the opening which was live-streamed on and for those interested in the exhibit, Vogue has a nice article which you can read by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Why don't we just call Anderson,
"Mr.Celebrity" who relishes the limelite and is disheartened when he's not the center of attention.
It's disgusting.

good grief said...

Yes, how dare he attend events that he finds fun! He should only go to wars and disaster zones, and be surround by death and destruction at all times!!

Anonymous said...

Hey good grief everyone is entitled to their opinion, chilax.

Anonymous said...

No, he should just stay out of the public eye and act like the humble person he was.
Would that be too much to ask?
Or he could do a little soul searching about why his ratings continue to be so low.
Could it be that the public has grown tired and weary of seeing him grand stand? duh

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say I don't think it was Anderson's choice to attend the CNN party at TCA. I saw many pictures from the event and Zucker had all of CNN's major anchors in attendance. Blitzer, Tapper, Piers, all the Crossfire team, and Amanpour to name a few were flown to LA for the event; it seemed pointless and a waste of money given he didn't announce anything about specific changes coming to CNN. Seems he wanted to throw a party for his Hollywood crowd and spent a bunch of money that could have been spent improving programming.

I'm not sure why so many people are so judgmental when it comes to how Anderson spends his free time. He anchored AC360, attending a work event and then you complain because he attended a friend's event after work on a Friday night. Do you people all work 24/7 without a social life or vacation time?

While AC360 has been sub-par for some time, I don't believe Anderson having a social life outside of work hours is the problem.

- Jenn