Monday, January 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper on NBA's Fan Night - Live from Times Square

Before going on air for the New Year's Eve program, Anderson appeared on NBA's "Fan Night" and had a little fun with the hosts.

Anderson posted the following photo to his Instagram page Sunday.  Looks like he's back from his 60 Minutes shoot in Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

Some Brazilian reporters are saying that Anderson has bought a home in Trancoso, Brazil. Not really surprised!

Anonymous said...

Not surprised if he did as he likes Brazil &if not mistaken has friends there.

Anonymous said...

1/7/14 - Nice to see Anderson back on AC360 &AC360Later. The hot water experiment with the affiliate was interesting &Anderson quite funny &sort of sassy.He repeated segment later.Discussion on same sex marriage informative & good interaction on panel. Anderson looked pale but more rested &happier altho his left eye is still puffy. I noticed a discreet small table beside him which seemed to have kleenex etc on it.The discussion on mariyana was auite interactive.missed Ridiculist too many interuptions here did not wait for later repeat it has been couple of bad days with this silly pain that won't go away. By wayweather here in BC Canadawas -7 & -14with windchill very little snow yet which is odd for this time of year tho Jan &Feb can be bad.

Anonymous said...

The man must think the viewers are stupid or something, plus is is such a liar. He knows how Kathy will be and still pretends to be in the dark about something happening. I quit watching with last year's show. It was so much better when it was just AC and the CNN team.

People may think I am being critical, WELL I AM because it is just too idiotic for words.

Anonymous said...

Re above comment 1/7/14 you are so right I only watch because of Anderson.Oftenwonder why someone doesnt start petition on that site. This year t thought Anderson was not very interested inthe show etc.