Monday, February 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 2/24/14

In case you missed it here are the CNN links to Anderson's interview with Arizona Sen. Al Melvin:


AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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doglover said...

2/24/14 AC had fiesty interview with Senator Melvin. Anderson didnt back down but think the Senator would have liked to vanish. As a member of LGBT Anderson does good job of presenting both sides. I personally think all this on religious grounds is a bit much. Am tended to think of phrase WWJD (what would Jesus do) dont believe there would be all of this. -live &let live maybe I am just to open minded. Will have to read AC's postd before the program &may have to take a walk!! Aside from few bumps/dents I am straight as they come &totally accept effirts for equality by LGBT -think we Canadians are more accepting. CRest of program was interesting.

Jaanza said...

Another really good start to 360 with another really good look at Arizona bill 1062 - the 'okay to discriminate if you're religious' bill. I appreciated the look at ADF, the group behind most of these type of bills and Miguel Marquez' report on the protests. Dana Bash covered the Gov. Brewer angle. Bash's interview clip with Brewer showed she's not committing one way or another at this point. Bash, "Governor Brewer was being very cautious…" I saw it as wobbling and desperately trying to find a middle ground in an issue where there isn't any.

The next Super Bowl is scheduled for Glendale (near Phoenix) AZ. If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made even the subtlest of hints of moving the game to another location, you'd see all those Republican state legislators change their positions so fast. Come on, Roger, just a little comment about how it's not too late to move the Super Bowl.

Anderson's interview with one of those AZ state senators, Al Melvin, was at first entertaining in how Melvin simply could not get it. Melvin, "This bill will prevent discrimination…this is a religious freedom bill."
Anderson's interview with Melvin continued in the second segment and no matter how plainly Anderson talked or many hypothetical scenarios of how this bill might play out in the future, Melvin continued to not get it. Melvin said Anderson's examples were "farfetched", there was a "media frenzy" putting the bill in a bad light, and it's has nothing to do with gays and everything to do with religious freedom.
I was distracted for the last part of the Anderson-Melvin debate because my DH and I discussed Anderson's example of a Catholic loan officer refusing to make a loan to an unwed mother or divorced woman. We talked about far-right religious groups, mostly in the South, who don't like Catholics. They really really don't like Catholics and given the chance would discriminate against a Catholic just like they would a gay person.
But what I did hear of the rest of the debate it seemed like Anderson was essentially banging his head against a brick wall. No matter what he said, Melvin just wasn't going to see the light.
Then Anderson talked to NYU Law Professor Kenji Yoshino (sorry I spelled his name incorrectly last Friday) for a good look at the legalities of the AZ bill. Yoshino should have had more time.

I didn't see much of Sanjay Gupta's report on Tylenol and pregnant woman nor Gary Tuchman's on the arrest of the Mexican drug lord. I was watching Hayes' segment on AZ bill 1062. First, because he talked to AZ state Senator Steve Pierce ® who voted for the bill but then changed his mind (along with two other senators) and is now asking Brewer to veto the bill. And second, Hayes had a panel about the new 'okay to discriminate for religious reasons' bills in various states which included Kenji Yoshino. Was Anderson's interview with him taped? Or did Yoshino have a really fast car?

A Bulletin and then a Ridiculist about Vanilla Ice appearing in a commercial. There were a few clips of "Ice Ice Baby" parodies but my favorite part of the Ridiculist was seeing a clip from "Pressure" by David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. "Pressure" is the song that "Ice Ice Baby" gets…that is, copied… or you could even say stole, it's distinctive piano melody. It would have been even better if Anderson devoted the whole Ridiculist to playing the "Pressure" video.

Anderson said nothing about Piers Morgan's how being cancelled and due to end next month. I was hoping he'd say something especially about what will take Morgan's place.

aries moon said...

The longer segment on SB1062 was excellent--AC nailed the Senator on three main fronts--gays and lesbians aren't currently included in AZ's anti-discrimination clause and can be fired because of their sexual orientation but Melvin couldn't give an example of a person being discriminated against because of their religious beliefs and he wouldn't admit that firing someone because they are gay or lesbian is discrimination. Anderson's skillful interrogation made plain what the Senator was trying to dance around--SB1062 is nothing but an anti-gay bill and has zero to do with religious freedoms being 'under attack'. When Anderson's good, he's VERY good--he is great at getting to the core of a bogus argument and exposing its contradictions and inconsistencies.