Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 2/11/14

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Anonymous said...

2/11/14 Anderson opened with an uodate from Chad Meyers on weather condition then went to repirt on the Dunn/Jordan Davies trial. For change there was good exchange between Sunny Histin ,& Mark Geragos. Drew Griffin has been turning up interesting info on the Charities. The segment on the giraffe situation is so disturbing. For an animal lover like Anderson it must have ben very troubling to show.All in all the program seemed to move along quite nicely.

Jaanza said...

I was late coming home Monday night and saw only the last two-thirds of 360 with John Berman. I bring that up for a reason.

Tuesday's 360 started out okay; glad Anderson was back. There's a new ice and snow storm due for the southeast U.S., especially Atlanta, so Anderson previewed this with Chad Myers and reviewed what happened last time this happened. Most of the first segment was devoted to the Michael Dunn trial (FL gas station, loud music, unarmed teenager shot and killed). Martin Savidge had a good report but during the panel I was distracted by a political phone call (that's what happens when you attend a caucus).

The second segment was Drew Griffin's report on bad charities and Guatemala which looked just like Monday's report. So I switched over to MSNBC and watched Hayes' sub cover Gov. Christie and Bridgegate.

I like Tom Brokaw and hope he gets better but instead of Anderson questioning Sanjay Gupta about myeloma, I watched the Hayes' sub.

Except for Anderson asking the questions instead of John Berman, the segment about the Copenhagen Zoo killing a giraffe and feeding it to the lions was almost an exact copy of Monday's. Same Bengt Holst, same Jack Hanna and questions that sounded just like the ones Berman asked yesterday.

Gary Tuchman's report on avalanches and saving people caught in them might have been interesting but I was noticing the clock and noticing that the Hayes sub covered the debt ceiling wrangling in Congress as the first story and 360 hadn't mentioned it at all yet. Oh well, it has to be the first story in the Bulletin, I thought.

Except there wasn't a Bulletin. Not one near the end of the show and if it was broadcast earlier I totally missed it. Instead of time for a Bulletin there was time for a Ridiculist.

Unfortunately, it was the kind of Ridiculist I least like. Anderson started out with the zombie prank in NYC and I predicted he would then show clips of the devil baby prank and the Carrie telekinetic prank. Yes on the former but no on the latter The third clip was Tina Fey noticing a deranged woman on the sidewalk. Sometimes the Ridiculist is clever and witty and sometimes it's filled with a string of videos that are somehow related.

I also predict Tuesday's 360 won't be one of the better ones of the week.
At 10 PM this 360 was repeated.

aries moon said...

Welp, I REALLY miss having AC360 Later as backup for bad 360's like Monday's.

aries moon said...

Err, make that TUESDAY'S 360....