Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 2/25/14

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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 started with another good look at AZ 1062 from various angles. It started with Miguel Marquez with the protesters, Randi Kaye with various AZ politicians (most of whom did not want to talk), a smart talk with Kenji Yoshino on the legalities and Anderson interviewed AZ State Sen. Steven Pierce who, since voting for the bill, has changed his mind about it.

This story will continue to be big until Gov. Brewer finally signs or vetoes the bill. Today I searched for something, anything from the NFL about moving the Super Bowl but they're not getting involved. And that's a shame because one comment from Commissioner Goodell could resolve everything.

I'm sure the second segment was good, this one on the special interest groups behind the similar bills in a few states and their similar language. However, there were distractions around here and I wasn't able to pay close attention.

The "Military Cuts Controversy" started with clips of Dick Cheney giving his point of view and that was bad enough. Even worse was the montage of clips of various FOX personnel all in a dither about reducing military numbers and expenses. Fortunately, Jim Sciutto brought some common sense to the table and explained the facts very well. The only thing missing was a graph showing the U.S. military expenditures being more than the next ten country's military expenditures COMBINED (Hayes had that yesterday).

During the reports on the polio-like illness in California and a report on Amanda Knox's new trial, I mostly watched the Hayes sub. He had an interesting report on rich vs. poor fracking fight in TX. But I did notice 360 had a Bulletin.

The quality of the the last few 360s has been very good and I hope that continues and I hope to see the ratings move upward.

aries moon said...

Anderson may have given that AZ Senator too much credit for his 180 on SB1062--I doubt the interests of the LGBT community were a great concern of his--he just got scared of the huge outcry against the bill and backed down.

Good that 360 took a look at why bills like SB1062 are turning up more often but I'm not sure if AC mentioned ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), the secretive and creepy far right organization has a role in pushing bills like SB1062 across the country--many of the lawmakers in AZ are members of ALEC. ALEC is also behind many of the voter suppression legislation that AC has yet to cover on 360. This scary group needs much more exposure.

That AC360 tweet asking if President Obama caring about food stamps more than the troops is pretty low but that's typical of whoever writes those tweets. I also didn't like AC implying that President Obama could be endangering the troops with the military cuts--good for Jim Sciutto for pointing out that Hagel said otherwise. Speaking of making things difficult for troops and veterans, when will AC ever ask his good pal John McCain why he continuously votes against veterans benefits. And since Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration lied to get us into a war in Iraq, I don't care to hear anything he has to say about how President Obama is handling the military.

Anonymous said...

Bill 1062 got a lead in from 360
because it was about gay issues.
Not that it wasn't a lead story.
It was, and it involved a red state AZ and the govenor of that red state, Jan Brewer who finally vetoed the bill.
However, anything that slightly involves gay issues renders front page,lead-ins from AC.
Here's a clue for CNN and Anderson, not everyone is gay.
I realize in Anderson's world, that may not be true, but if you want to look at the 'whys' of 360 content, and non-grabbing issues, that ought to hit AC's producers: not everyone who watches is gay and after a while it is a real turn off on the old remote.
Why doesn't Rachel Maddow have a gay agenda or Ellen?
They're both popular to viewers because they DON'T.