Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 02/12/2014

Anderson  Cooper was in the AC360 chair and live in both the 8pmET and 10pmET hours. 

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Wednesday night I spent more time with Hayes than with Anderson. To Anderson, I'd like to say, "It's not you, it's me."

I already watched Blitzer cover the big snowstorm and cover it extensively. I didn't need to see any more of that. Hayes was covering the minimum wage debate. In his second segment on the Christie scandals, Hayes talked to David Cay Johnston from Syracuse University. Johnston used to be on 360 eons ago, back when 360 had a wider variety of pundits. I had to stay with Hayes to listen to Johnston.

Another thing wrong with me was watching a 'baby brains and morality' documentary on PBS (I think it was PBS) last year. So I wasn't much interested in Anderson's report. I'm sure it was well done and all of the babies were adorable.

There was a snowstorm update with Gary Tuchman and Chad Myers. I was glad to see the Bulletin introduced and almost immediately irritated when Randi Kaye read the first news blip. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty of corruption. Holy guacamole, why didn't we get a segment on that?

Otherwise and especially for viewers who are not me, Wednesday's 360 was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Too much junk/screen crawlers taking up space on the screen last nite during AC360. CNN had at one time at least five separate items taking up space at the bottom half of the screen. The CNN logo, a little weather map in the corner, a news crawler, a breaking news promo....... I was waiting for Zucker to screen crawl one of his promos for his documentary across Anderson's face. Don't laugh. That day is probably coming. Jill