Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anderson Cooper On Assignment For 60 Minutes: Liam Neeson

Anderson Cooper's interview with Liam Neeson  and a candid 60 Minutes "Overtime"....


60 Minutes Overtime - Living With Grief:  A Conversation Between Men

“I wanted very much to have a conversation with Liam about grief,” says Cooper. “People don't really talk about grief and loss enough in this country, I think, and for those of us who have suffered losses in our lives, it's something we think about all the time. Not talking about it feels almost artificial.”

Five years ago Neeson’s wife died in a skiing accident, leaving him to raise two sons alone. He has said very little about her death publicly until his interview with Cooper.

“He certainly felt ready to talk about it,” says Cooper. “It's not a conversation that I would foist upon anybody. He said it helps to talk about her, it's good to talk about her.” ....

....“Dealing with grief, dealing with loss-- there is power in hearing how other people have dealt with it and power in hearing how other people have faced it and live with it,” says Cooper.

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doglover said...

This was a good interview. Its always good to see Anderson in these one on one interviews he is always so relaxed his guests taje their cue fromhim & are relaxed as well allowing them both to be really present in the interview. Dealing with grief is never easy sometimes it takes many years to be fully able to talk about ones situation. Anderson has experienced this also. Look forward to being able to get balance of interview on a computer. I hope we can watch Anderson do more of the kind of programs -he is so good at it.

aries moon said...

Liam Neeson came across like a big guy with a soft heart. I've only seen a few of his movies and didn't know much about him but I still enjoyed the interview.