Friday, March 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 03/14/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair...

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Jaanza said...

Friday was another 360 devoted entirely to Malaysian Flight 370. To discuss the new guesses of the day, Anderson started with Barbara Starr and Michael Schmidt. Next he talked with Ron Brown, Robert Baer and David Gallo. I loved Brown's opening line, "Thanks for having me on your show, for having a pilot…" It made me wonder if Brown gets ticked off listening to non-pilots who theorize what could have happened in the cockpit (like Fran Townsend yesterday?)

In the second segment Anderson had Wall Street Journal science correspondent Andy Pasztor to discuss the "human intervention" or "satatoge" theory. Pasztor explained his educated guesses very well and it all sounded plausible but nonetheless they are still guesses. Brown, Baer and Gallo were back for reactions to what Pasztor said.

Meanwhile, Hayes, who covered 370 in his first segment, had a great second segment on Ukraine

Back on 360, Barbara Starr was back to give her take on the "human intervention" theory and was joined by John Hansman who did the same. Pasztor and Brown were back also. Brown, throughout the show, sounded the most expert of everyone. He had a great explanation about what a human hand needed to do, what likely happened and how much knowledge and experience of flying was necessary.

The following segment had Mary Schiavo (seen in the last segment but not heard) and Pasztor, Baer and Gallo all discussing the 370 situation.

The very last segment had my favorite Richard Quest (who wasn't given enough time) in the studio and Martin Savidge reporting from a flight simulator. I was mostly watching Hayes' segment on Tesla, New Jersey, the special interest group of NJ car dealerships, donations to politicians like Christie and how you can and cannot buy a car in NJ.

I've whined quite a bit about the All-Malaysia 370 shows but the ratings aren't with me. This week has seen a big increase in 360's numbers. I guessed yesterday that tragedies are gold for CNN's ratings and the latest Nielsens prove that. Anderson has beat Hayes by big numbers Monday through Thursday this week. And that's good news so maybe I should stop complaining.

doglover said...

3/15/14 The past several days Anderson gas been giving major coverage to flight 370 and it shohld be good for ratings. The variety of guests he has had are well informed &add so much to the discussions &Anderson has a quick sharp mind toclue in on anything questionable. Unfortunatelybecause of so many interuptions here I kept missing parts of the program. I dohave to say that thanks to Anderson here I BC and I think most ofCanada he gives much better reports than the short clips we get here. The programdidclose with Anderson in his usual way touching on the families &loved ones desperately waiting for word on survivors &giving time to many of them toshare their feelings.