Saturday, March 29, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 3/28/14

AC360 Transcript
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doglover said...

3/28/14 AC opened with current update on flight370. Discussions with Miles OBrien (a nice addition to CNN ) David Soucie &Richard Quest were as usual informative. David Soucie explained the "ping" device. CNN & AC have been giving major coverage to this &hopefully ratings will be favorable. My personal preference fof watching reports is with AC & Wolf Blitzer they handle it all in a calmer manner. AC also had a touching segment with Gary Tuchman & a mother who lost her infant child in the Washington disaster. This segment also choked AC ip cas well as Tuchman.. A final smiling touch of reminiscing Anderson being on Jeopardy & its 50th anniversary. After all the sad & grim reporting lately nice to see Anderson actually laugh & share his smile.