Monday, March 03, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Live From Ukraine 3/3/14

Anderson Cooper reported live from Kiev, Ukraine for Monday's AC360.  Here's the program's opening:
Anderson's discussion with Matthew Chance and Ben Wedeman:

Anderson's interview with Sen. John McCain:

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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doglover said...

3/3/14 AC started with Breaking News & up to date on situation in Kiev. It was good to see him "on the ground" reporting live.Most of program was about Ukraine but was informative on both background &present situation. Several people were interviewd with good insight. However I sm not impressed with Senator McCain hecomes across as being sour. I admit I am not overly political orientated -am more socially active &here in Canada our system is different &crazy at times.I am not sure why so many are against your President Obama -I watched a lot of AC prs election coverage &definitely not impressed with the Republicans being sk anti women &womens issues. I checked our BC news coverage of Ukraine but they couldnt touch AC's coverage. I hope CNN allows him enough time in Ukraine to cover the situation the way he wants to.His live coverage is a reminder that we become too smug in our little corner while the rest of the world struggles.The program ended eith brief mention on Pretorious trial. Look forward to more live coverage from Ukraine..I pray for Anderson's safety & his crew.