Monday, March 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 3/24/14

Anderson Cooper anchored early morning coverage on CNN Monday (see our previous post) and also was live at 8 & 11 PM with breaking news.  He stayed on-air with extended coverage after midnight for the press conferences held by the Malaysian government and the Australian military. 

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Jaanza said...

I was 4 minutes late to 360 but already knew what the lead story would be: Malaysia airlines admitting total loss, no survivors. Kyung Lah's report was already in progress followed by Anderson's interview with Chris McLaughlin, Sr. Vice Prez of Immarstat, the UK radar / / satellite company which got new photos of possible 370 debris. Then the panel of Les Abends, David Soucie, David Gallo and Mary Schiavo discussed those topics, gave further details and made comparisons to the Air France crash in the Atlantic years ago. All in all, it was an excellent first segment.

At the start of the second segment Anderson spoke about the Missing and their families. He talked with James Wood, brother of Phillip Wood. I missed most of this segment due to a phone call.

The start of the third segment was Anderson repeating much of the already said about conditions of the southern Indian Ocean, radar, the search, etc. I switched to Hayes and a great report on the religious freedom of corporations and the case before the Supreme Court. I would love to see this topic debated on 360 if I knew the participants were going to be reasonable people (Jeffrey Toobin - yes, Ari Fleischer - no). When that was over, back on 360 it was another Martin Savidge in a flight simulator report.

360's coverage to 370 could have ended there and that would have been okay. But it didn't end there. Randi Kaye had a report on lithium batteries, how they can spontaneously catch fire and could this have caused a fire on 370? Lots of facts about lithium batteries but also a lot of speculation because nobody knows if there was a fire and if there was what caused it. The panel was back for a lithium batteries discussion.

Very late in 360 there was other news - the landslide in Washington state which killed 14 people with 100 more still missing. There was a reporter on the scene but I didn't catch his name. Randi Kaye had the Bulletin.

As before, the last segment was devoted to the names, faces and lives of some of the Missing.

Earlier this evening, Jon Stewart made fun of media 370 speculation including CNN and Don Lemon and the Black Hole question.. Yesterday in the Minneapolis Star Tribune an editorial cartoon by "Horsey" lampooned Anderson, ""News When There Is No News" asking three oddballs what happened to 370. I wish 360 and the rest of CNN would cut back on 370 coverage so they're not spending so much time on guesses.

aries moon said...

Anderson seemed as though he choked up when speaking to the woman from Washington whose family members were missing due to the landslide--he always seems genuinely moved when someone has suffered a loss.

The question still out there on Flight 370 is when there will be photos or some kind of physical proof that the families can see as evidence that the objects found are parts of the downed plane.