Thursday, March 27, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Wednesday 03/26/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and was live in both the 8pm & 11pmET hours.

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Jaanza said...

The first segment told me everything I needed to know about Malaysia flight 370. At first Anderson laid out the basics of the new info; the new stuff was mostly about new debris seen by satellite and new reports on the pilots. Pamela Brown's report went into further details and then a panel - Miles O'Brien, Mary Schiavo, Michael Schmidt and including Pamela Brown - discussed the new findings. They spent a lot of time discussing the 'blame the pilot' theory while I was more interested in the newly found debris.

Next Anderson interviewed Capt. Allison Norris by phone about the search. Afterwards David Soucie and David Gallo were there. Soucie spoke first. His statements about the debris, the black box and the investigation of the crash all sounded so familiar so I went to MSNBC. Hayes' segment at this time was not about 370.

The Washington fatal landslide segment started with terrific video of a boy being rescued and a report by Gary Tuchman. After a few questions for Tuchman, Anderson interviewed Robin Youngblood, witness and survivor of the landslide. I drifted back to Hayes because he had a segment that started by dissing Bill O'Reilly.

Randi Kaye's report on 370 and the "pilot suicide" theory was unnecessary. She had accounts of two earlier plane crashes - EgyptAir and an Indonesian one - that some believe were caused by pilot suicide. She related this to Malaysia 370 even though there's scant evidence that happened to 370. Les Abend and Miles O'Brien speculated further on this topic.

At the end of 360 Anderson showed the video of the Houston Fire Department rescuing a construction worker from a half-way built apartment building. I saw the video earlier but it was worth seeing again. Anderson's interview with Brad Hawthorne, the firefighter on the ladder, was the most entertaining part of the show. It felt like Hawthorne is one of those guys who isn't fazed by anything.

360's ratings since Malaysia 370 disappeared have been great. The Neilsens are way up not just for 360 but across the board for CNN. So I get it. But I'm still hoping for a good segment on the Supreme Court / corporations / ACA / religious freedom story because it's important too.

aries moon said...

Anderson had a great interview with Robin Youngblood and the unedited version is even better--I hope she gets some of the concerns she addressed handled--it sounded like the insurance companies are going to give the landslide victims a hard time. She was amazingly strong considering what she'd been through and lost.

I'd watched the Houston fire video on another website earlier and was surprised at how calm the construction worker appeared to be--of course we were seeing him at a distance, but he didn't appear to be panicking and was thinking clearly about how exactly he should jump to the next level in order keep from falling.