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Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 03/27/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and AC360 was live at 8PM and from 11PM to 1AM ET...


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Jaanza said...

Hello, my time-traveling fellow ATAers!

One place time practically stood still was at 360. Yesterday's and today's shows were very similar. Both started with a brief overview of the latest news involving Malaysia 370 from Anderson and then a report; yesterday it was Pamela Brown, today it was Kyung Lah. For both days a panel followed, different between these two days but the same panel we've seen assembled before: Miles O'Brien, Mary Schiavo, David Soucie and David Gallso. As seen many times the past few weeks, the panel discussed the new info of the day.

Again, there was a second segment delving further into a particular tangent of the 370 story. Yesterday it was the search, today it was suspicions against the pilot. Pamela Brown's report profiled the pilot and co-pilot and stated there's "no evidence of pre-meditation on the part of the pilots." The panel did have a new face, Mahi Ramakrisham from USA Today; she had an unnamed source who believed the pilot(s) was culpable. Right now I can't remember what evidence she presented from this mysterious source. Michael Schmidt and Richard Quest, also in this panel, didn't agree with Mahi. Schmidt pointed out there's nothing concrete to blame the pilot and Quest said "...No question the pilots need to be put under scrutiny....but please let's have a bit of decorum about it" and look at all the facts.

Same as yesterday, this middle segment was about the Washington landslide, heart-tugging video of either a boy (yesterday) or a dog (today) being rescued and Gary Tuchman reporting from the scene. Yesterday Anderson interviewed a witness/survivor of the landslide today he interviewed a firefighter involved in the rescue operation.

And here in the show, yet another flight simulation report with Martin Savidge. This time he covered what would happen if one airplane engine went kaput. As before, a panel to opine on that possibility; this time it was Quest and O'Brien.

Like many times before, a more distant tangent of the Malaysia story is covered at this time in the show. Today it was robot submarines to help in the search. I'd say more about this report but unfortunately and inexplicably the electricity went out. It stayed out for four or five minutes.

The power came back on in time for the Bulletin. Earlier today I figured Anderson would have to cover the conviction of the newlywed-husband-off-a-cliff pusher. He covered this story a lot at the time of the woman's arrest but now her conviction wasn't even a blip in the Bulletin.

Good night, fellow ATAers! What day will it be tomorrow?

aries moon said...

AC and some on the panel seemed to be pretty perplexed by the latest news that the Flight 370 search was again being refocused to an entirely different area and the info, satellite photos, etc., from days ago are no longer relevant. The Australian officials tried to emphasize that these things occur as a natural progression when new info comes in but AC, Richard Quest and Miles O'Brien and David Gallo weren't having any of it and were very vocal about how disorganized and uncoordinated the search effort seems to be. I've noticed that David Soucie and Mary Schiavo have generally taken the position of explaining the reasoning behind the decisions made by the search officials to AC and the rest of the panel who generally are highly critical of the entire operation--reporter Paula Hancocks also tried to steer AC away from some of his skepticism about the searchers. It was kind of funny when Richard Quest took a dig at one of Miles O'Brien's comments AFTER Miles had left the panel. CNN/AC360 has gone all in on the 370 coverage and there are times when it's overly repetitive but I'm still finding it interesting for the most part and 360's higher ratings seem to reflect that.