Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 3/25/14

AC360 was live at 8 & 11 PM on Tuesday evening to cover breaking news on MH #370 and the mudslides in Washington state.  Miles O'Brien joined the expert panel to talk details of Boeing 777's.

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Again, most of 360 was devoted to 370. There were a few tidbits of new information on Tuesday; David McKenzie and Kyung Lah gave reports on the new info and the current situation. Then the panel with Les Abend, David Gallo, David Souci and (surprise!) Miles O'Brien discussed the latest.

The second segment started with Anderson rehashing the angle of the conditions of the southern Indian Ocean. Anderson had Cmdr. William Marks by phone to cover how the search is going. I switched to Hayes and stayed there a while because he was covering the Supreme Court hearing the religious freedom of corporations as it relates to the ACA. This is a great topic that hasn't shown up on 360 yet but I would love to see Anderson handle a smart debate on it.

When I got back to 360 a reporter (don't know who she was) was in a boat with an expert (?) off the coast of Santa Barbara CA. I'm guessing the gist of this report was on search techniques. At the end of the report, she effectively negated the point of the segment by saying the depths of the Indian Ocean was much deeper and implying different techniques would have to be used. The time of this segment should have been used to cover other maybe big important Supreme Court cases.

The only non-370 news was about the landslide in Washington state. Reporter George Howell was on the scene and this was a pretty good look at what's going on there.

Anderson returned to 370 again with another flight simulation report by Martin Savidge and another panel. This panel was enlivened by including Richard Quest. it was only Quest's appearance here which kept me from going to Hayes.

So I didn't go to Hayes until 360 started a commercial break. Hayes was covering the Washington Redskins name controversy, a subject I find far more interesting than a Randi Kaye report on airplane's black boxes.

If there was a Bulletin, I didn't see it.

The first week it was alright to have reports on details and tangents of the Malaysia 370 story. It was tolerable the second week. Now in the third week it's annoying to take all that time to cover minute scraps of information (like lithium batteries) and speculation instead of reporting other big news (again with exceptions for landslides in Washington and a building explosion in East Harlem). As before, the ratings might not be with me on this but then again, that's nothing new.

aries moon said...

I really like Stephanie Elam and George Howell, two reporters who should be on 360 more often. Both turned in good reports on the show last night.

doglover said...

3/26/14 Anderson continued his reporting on370 with his quick analytical mind he doesnt miss much. The panelists are alsi well informed.CNN is certainly keeping viewers up todate on this would be nice if repirting wasjust done br Wolf&Anderson as others do so much repeating There was a report on the mud slide also.Hopefully more time will now be given to other news items think viewers are really flooded &depressed with this disaster but Anderson does not like to leave something unfinished.

don catlin said...

Where does David Souci purchase his shirts and ties. They fit perfectly-particularly the pink shirt

jack english II said...