Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 03/19/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....

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doglover said...

3/19/14 Anderson opened with update &summary of flight 377. The frustration &confusion in this has been unbelievable. Seems Malaysia dropped the ball right from the beginning &the lack of communication with families just adds to the whole situation. Anderson is obviously frustrated to some degree &not being able to get some definite &real answers. Short ofa real miracle I cant see this search coming toa satisfactory solution soon. The interview with the Week's family was another sign of the hope families are holding on to &giving an insight to those missing. In closing there were a few comments on the situation in the Pistorius trial, the Ukraine &Madeline McCain story.CNN is giving a lot of time &coverage to this incident - dont know how it compares to other Media but here in BC we barely get 5minutes on main news channel - really appreciate CNN reports.

Jaanza said...

I missed the first seven minutes, when I tuned in Anderson was talking to an Asian man about Malaysia flight 370. Then it was a panel with Mary Schiavo, Les Abends and Jeff Beatty to debate the latest data and the latest guesses.

In the second segment Anderson had Cmdr. William Marks of the USS Blue Ridge on the new search area 1400 miles SW of Perth Australia. Anderson also discussed the search area with David Gallo and Ron Brown. Brown said that even with the smaller search area the plane would still be "tremendously hard to find". I don't know if it was 360 or another program which described the size of the new search area being equivalent to the size of New Mexico. Brown was very informative when explaining the EFP signal.

During Randi Kaye's report on the 1998 crash of a SwissAir 111 flight off of Nova Scotia, I began watching more and more of Hayes. However I did see that after Kaye's report Anderson spoke with Abend, Brown and Jim Tilmon about correlations between SwissAir 111 and Malaysia 370.

360 started looking a bit deja vu with yet another panel with Abend, Brown and Tilmon. It was great to see Anderson pull questions and comments off of Twitter but I wish they had changed the map. The map often shown on 360 showed both the northern and southern possible paths of 370 when they dealt only with the southern area of the Indian Ocean and earlier on the Situation Room Jim Sciutto gave an excellent explanation why the northern route was extremely unlikely.

Anderson interviewed the sister and brother of Paul Weeks, one of the Missing. It's a bit eerie how Weeks gave his wedding ring and watch to his wife before the flight. Makes you wonder if he had a premonition.

Right now (12:47 EST), Anderson is on CNN live with the news that the Australians have found - via satellite - debris in the Indian Ocean. Aircraft is already on the scene but it will be a while before the debris can be identified. Richard Quest was on as was an expert in the ocean topography of the area. Live clips of an Australian press conference and David Gallo by phone. Much talk about studying the tides. This is indeed Breaking News and I'm glad Anderson is there anchoring it.

doglover said...

3/19/14 just rechecked for additional posts & turnedto CNN (1.20 am et) dont usually ck tbis late. So stokedAnderson is anchoring it. Must find how to get other US news channels. Thanks for the post.