Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper on Late Night with Seth Meyers


Anderson Cooper stopped by Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday night....
Part 1:

Part 2:

Anderson and Seth chatted about Anderson's two appearances on SNL; we covered both at the time they aired.  You can find the Anderson/Seth/Stephon wedding post by clicking here and the Anderson/Andy Samberg/PeeWee Herman Digital Short post by clicking here.

And digging back in the ATA vault we found these clips of Seth Meyers as Anderson Cooper in SNL segments. Enjoy ~


And a couple of the 8G band members posted back stage photos to Instagram.



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aries moon said...

This late night appearance was less serious than some of AC's guest spots on Letterman and was fun to watch. Thanks for the pics.

doglover said...

3/18/14 Dont usually catch AC's late night guest spots but really enjoyed this one. ACwas relaxed laughed &smiled a lot. Allgood round segment pics were an added extra.Thx