Friday, March 21, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 03/21/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....

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Jaanza said...

Friday's 360 looked a lot like Thursday's. At the start, Anderson gave an overview of 370's current situation. he spoke with Kyung Lah about the search and then Pamela Brown on the search of the pilot's computer and the study of air traffic controller records. The panel of Les Abned, Mary Schiavo, David Gallo and David Soucie was back to discuss what Lah and Brown just reported plus the satellite photos and the debris.

Second segment - Anderson talked with Cmdr. William Marks on the conditions in the southern Indian Ocean Then the panel was back to debate various "might's" and "maybe's" and other speculations.

Next segment Andeson interviewed Geoffrey thomas, the Aussie airline/airplane expert. Thomas believes there's something significant in the co-pilot's sign off to Malaysian air traffic control: "All right. Good night." Thomas maintained that is not compliant with proper sign-off protocol. He and Anderson also talked about the search.

Martin Savidge's flight simulator report was all about the fire scenario; if a fire happened, then what may have happened? The same panel gave their opinions on this and an excellent Twitter question about using drones to search the ocean.

Sarah Bajc returned (she's the partner of one of the Missing). Anderson asked her about her feeling about the debris findings in the southern Indian Ocean. Bajc believes a northerly route for 370 was possible and resources should still be looking at the hijacking theory. A hijacking and landing on land would certainly help in the belief the passengers are still alive. Unfortunately, I don't think that happened. The Situation Room had a report on a briefing of sort the Chinese had in Beijing for families of the Missing. I wish Anderson would have said something on 360 about that.

There was a Bulletin.

At 10 PM (EST) Don Lemon had an hour-long show about 370. Richard Quest was sort of co-host and there was the usual 360 panel of experts but this time including Jim Tilmon and another guy. For a good long while, Lemon took questions off of #370QS to ask Quest and the panel. All kinds of good angles were brought up by the Twitter folks and it made for excellent viewing.

I hope something definite comes up this weekend to help wrap up this story.

doglover said...

3/21/14 sorry only caught parts of tonights program just too sick tofollow but what I did see Anderson had his usual well informed guests & he just never runs out of questions
He isvery respectful in talking to waiting families. Ihope this weekend will bring some much needed answers.

aries moon said...

Folks like Rachel Maddow are subtly criticizing the type of saturation/speculation coverage of 370 that AC and CNN as a whole is doing. She generally just relays only the latest developments and lets it go--she said that others who engage in speculation are pretending to report as though it's news when it really isn't. I see her point, but I don't mind the coverage, AC's in particular--he doesn't go overboard with wild theories like black holes and the like, he just talks to the experts and asks good questions. It is repetitive, but I find the whole missing plane situation interesting and bizarre.

Anderson had another good interview with Sarah Bajac--she always comes across as strong, intelligent and thoughtful.