Friday, April 18, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Friday 4/18/14

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aries moon said...

Kyunh Lah has really gotten a ton of face-time on 360 covering 370 and now the Korean ferry disaster--she is one of their better reporters. Good detailed analysis of the situation on 360 but so awful for the families of the people trapped in the ferry.

Anderson had an interesting interview with the senior editor of Outside magazine on Mt. Everest/avalanche/sherpas. The sherpas have an incredibly dangerous job to perform for the many people who want to tackle Mt. Everest. I still get creeped out thinking about Jon Krakauer's book on a disastrous Everest expedition, "Into Thin Air".

Not sure why AC's promoting Anthony Bourdain's show, but I have been enjoying their segment together.