Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 3/31/14

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Jaanza said...

Even though Hayes had a substitute host, I watched quite a bit of MSNBC. On 360, and most of CNN, Malaysia 370 still takes the lion's share of available news time. This was true today even with major news stories out there like Gov. Christie's "Bridgegate" report, the end of sign-up for the ACA ("Obamacare") and new hostility between the Koreas.

Meanwhile, Hayes' sub covered Bridgegate.

Anderson started, as usual, with a broad overview and dealt with new details with Kyung Lah concerning the new version of 370's sign off to air traffic control and Nic Robertson on if and when Malaysian officials would meet with grieving families and the "criminal act" theory. The same panel as late last week - David Soucie, David Gallo, Miles O'Brien and Mary Schiavo - to discuss the points brought up by Lah and Robertson and to bring up some new ones. I thought O'Brien's point about the whole transcript not being released was a good one as was Schiavo's question about why the new version was being released now.

In the second segment Tom Foreman had good information about the search below and above the water and the technology used. Soucie did a show-and-tell with the black box pinger and there was more with O'Brien, Gallo and Schiavo.

I did not see most of Anderson's interview with Cmdr. William Marks. I was watching MSNBC and a report on the ACA and sign-up deadline (which included ridiculing FOX's goofy chart of the numbers who signed up). When I got back to 360 Anderson was talking to Andy Razstor.

Gary Tuchman reported on satellite technology as it related to the search for 370 debris. I watched more of Hayes because at the start of Tuchman's report it felt like another one of those tangent 370 stories 360 has been putting in this time of the show for the past couple weeks.

Jason Carroll had a report on the 5.1 earthquake in Los Angeles this past weekend.

There was a Bulletin and then enough time for Anderson to introduce a new program, the Piers Morgan Live replacement, Michael Smerconish. I hesitate to make fun of the guy's name because my own maiden name was rather ethnic and obscure (compared to my married name which is so very bland). But doesn't "Smerconish" sound like a name Dr. Seuss would love? I can't help thinking "Captain Smerconish and the 15 Farfoofals". CNN could help the guy by putting the guy's name on their website but Smerconish is nowhere to be found on the home page. That makes me wonder if the guy is just a temporary fill-in. Did anyone tune in?

aries moon said...

No mention of ACA and the 9.5 million enrolled on 360. Figured they may have wanted to at least talk about website glitches for the negative angle, but not even that made the show--it's not exactly surprising though--360/CNN and most other news outlets were rooting/pushing for failure of ACA and rarely put out positive or accurate info on it. ACA being an apparent success is like egg on the faces of those who worked overtime trying to vilify it. Either Drew Griffin is out sniffing around somewhere waiting for a moment to pounce on some negative ACA story cooked up by the GOP or AC360 will ignore the law and not report on it and pretend that it doesn't exist from now on. Because, you know, positive news for POTUS.

Anonymous said...

aries moon, you are absolutely right about the negativity that surrounds ACA and 360.
However, you refuse to admit that
Anderson is part of the system that "sniffs around with Drew Griffin," trying to find negative news about the failure of ACA to achieve its numbers.
Just today in the NYT, front page edition, the Affordable Care Act reached 7 million, a total of 7 million who actually enrolled. In fact, there were so many hits, that the system was once again over loaded.
Yes, ACA is here to stay. That is a fact that the GOP and CNN/AC360 and Fox News, MUST come to terms with.
Jimmy Carter, on Bill Maher's recent program, said that the Republicans will probably try to repeal it in the future and those enrolled should be prepared for it. But right now it is a success
and part of the Obama legacy.