Monday, April 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 4/14/14

It's been quite a while since this blogger found anything clipworthy on a NYC based AC360 but tonight's report from Dr. Sanjay Gupta in Africa was both fascinating, educational and scary as hell.

On a side note our Wonz spent a portion of this past weekend in ICU and is having a rough time with nasty respiratory bug.  Most of you aren't privy to what goes on behind the scenes at ATA but I will tell you without Wonz there would be no ATA, she's our workhorse. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers and we'll keep you posted on her recovery.  ~ Phebe

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Anonymous said...

Phebe: I am a frequent contributor to ATC and just happened to catch your commentary concerning Wonz.
I do hope she recovers quickly.
Anytime someone is hospitalized today, you have to wonder about the rating of the hospital and its staff.
We hope we're getting the best care but being the patient, we can only rely on the judgement of those whose care we are dependent upon.
Our thoughts are with Wonz and her speedy recovery.

Jaanza said...

Monday's 360 moved a tiny bit away from having most of the show on Malaysia 370. Instead of 370 being 3/4 of the hour, on Monday it was only the first 33 minutes. Anderson started with the search and an interview with Capt. Mark Matthews. Then the panel - Les Abends, David Soucie, David Gallo and Mary Schiavo - commented on the latest.
Randi Kaye had a report on the underwater search sub that felt like so much deja vu; I swear I've seen the report before.

The second segment concentrated on the 370 pilots and their cell phones. Anderson talked to Pamela Brown and the panel again this time with the addition of Mary Schiavo (or maybe I didn't see her first time around because I'm still looking in at Hayes).

And there was yet another Martin Savidge in the flight simulator report which yet again I switched away from.

Anderson's report on the Kansas City Jewish Community Centers shooting dealt mostly with the statements from the victims' families. During Savidge's segment I watched Hayes cover this story which had more overall information. Paired with Anderson's segment on the victims' families it's a good report. Just watching Anderson's alone made me feel like he was leaving out too much.

The best part of the show was Sanjay Gupta's report on the ebola outbreak in Africa, specifically Guinea. However, this was not "Breaking News"; other news sources had this story a week ago. And I wondered if this story would have been only a blip in the Bulletin if Gupta wasn't on the scene.
The Bulletin was attached to this segment.

At the very end of the show and spilling over a minute into the 9 PM hour, was two minutes on Ukraine. Anderson had ann overview and a short chat with Nick Paton Walsh who was over there. Ukraine should have had more time, things are getting more and more crazy there.

This may not be the place to ask but I'm going to ask anyway: What is going on with CNN at 9 PM? Smerconish was on for a week, then Jake Tapper 's show for a week and now it's "CNN Tonight" with Bill Weir. Is it 'news shows musical chairs' or has Zucker simply given up?

Poor Wonz! I'm sending good thoughts and mojo her way and hope she gets better soon. Totally sucks being in the ICU but hopefully it'll be a short stay and she'll be back here gracing us with her excellent commentary.

aries moon said...

Sorry to hear that Wonz is ill and hope she she is able to rest and recover quickly--I'm sure all the ATA readers/commenters are pulling for her.

I don't think I was aware of how truly deadly the Ebola virus is--it was frightening to hear how easy it is to contract it--just a tear in the skin can do it. If I was Sanjay, I still would've been covered head to toe even though he said he was relatively safe.