Thursday, April 24, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 04/24/2014

Anderson Cooper had a speaking engagement tonight and John Berman was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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Jaanza said...

I was a minute or two late, came in when Michael Holmes was reporting on 370. The news that the Bluefin search sub results will be known soon or Razak's interview were sufficient reasons to make 370 the lead story.

I was off and on CNN and in and out of the room, not paying close attention. However, I did see another Randi Kaye report repeated, this time the 'Finding Fossett in the NV desert' report. That made me feel disappointed and insulted and pissed off. Instead of reporting new news, 360 was airing repeated reports.

Berman/360 stayed with 370 for the first 35 minutes of the show. Then a pretty good segment on the South Korean ferry disaster followed by a tangent report on salvaging ships.

The Bulletin just pissed me off further. There were three blips - 3 Americans killed in Kabul hospital, Ukraine, Obama in Japan - each which could have been given a segment and given more depth instead of Kaye's Fossett repeat.

My complaints mean nothing. 360 continues to pull in better ratings in the Nielsen demos than Hayes. And that means nothing will change anytime soon.

Jaanza said...

ACK!!! I just saw my 12:37 AM comment posted and discovered I left out an important word. In the first paragraph, second sentence, I meant to say "...were NOT sufficient reasons...". And that's why I didn't pay close attention.
I really gotta proofread before sending.