Thursday, April 17, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 4/17/14

Anderson Cooper covered the Korean ferry disaster, MH#370 and Ukraine on Thursday's AC360.

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Jaanza said...

360 had a pretty good start with a segment on the South Korean capsized ferry. I was a couple minutes late but saw most of Kyung Lah's report and the panel with James Staples, Kim Petersen and Butch Hendrick on what happened and the rescue attempt. Then it all fell down due to a "ship simulation" report by Randi Kaye, "'s what it might have looked like..." I changed the channel.
It's as though Martin Savidge's flight simulation reports on various 370 speculations wasn't enough, now CNN has "ship simulation". I just don't see the news value here.

Then it was more than a half hour devoted to 370. My viewing of this part of 360 was limited to the commercial breaks on Hayes' show. (Hayes did have a good report on the new total for ACA - 8 million - and what that could mean politically.)
This is what I saw on 360: Michael Holmes report, Geoffrey Thomas and Richard Quest in a panel, yet another simulation report this time David Mattingly off the coast of Canada in a search sub (on screen "...similar vessel could be used in 370 search..." COULD BE!!! Not IS!!! ) and if that wasn't bad enough for a tangent report, Randi Kaye was back with a report on garbage in the seas.

I forgot to check how many 370 reports were labelled "Breaking News" but I did notice Kaye's second report on ocean garbage was labelled "LIVE" when it clearly was not.

At :54 past the hour Anderson covered the Ukraine and questioned Nick Paton Walsh on the latest. This was almost two minutes. Anderson came back at :59 just to sign off. No Bulletin.

Anderson can do better. He HAS done better in the past. I keep watching because I'm hoping for something I can make a positive comment on.

I have a question on ratings - is the number in the 25 - 44 demo far more important than the overall number? Anderson slightly wins or close to even in the former, Hayes has bigger numbers in the latter.
Anyway, with the demo number I can see CNN executive pinheads telling Anderson not to change the formula and keep most of 360 on 370. And that just keeps me on mostly on MSNBC.

aries moon said...

Don Lemon said on his show that the investigation of 370 is basically back to where it started. There was a press conference a couple of weeks ago that had Australian officials stating that they were sure they'd find something "soon", they were pretty definite about it and yet here we are with nothing again. AC360/CNN don't really have anything significant to report, but they're not letting up.

I'm not sure 360 would've reported on the 8 million covered under ACA even if there HADN'T been a mysterious plane crash. They're not big on reporting anything positive having to do with the Obama Administration.