Friday, April 04, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Thursday 4/3/14

John Berman was again in the AC360 anchor chair subbing for Anderson Cooper, who is on assignment in Palau, Micronesia for 60 Minutes.

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aries moon said...

AC360 picked a fine sub for the show when AC's gone. John Berman's smart, likable and easy to watch.

Jaanza said...

I spent more time watching the Hayes sub on MSNBC instead of the Anderson sub on CNN.

Anderson's sub, John Berman, covered the Fort Hood shooting for roughly the first 35 minutes. There were a couple mentions of the tornadoes near St. Louis and in Texas. The next 20 minutes was devoted to Malaysia flight 370 with David Gallo, David Soucie and Miles O'Brien. The last 5 minutes was for the tornadoes and included a report by Chad Myers.

I watched more of MSNBC and Hayes' sub (a woman, I don't know her name). It wasn't Berman's fault I saw Blitzer earlier and found out all I wanted to know about the Fort Hood shooting. But more importantly, Hayes' sub had an excellent segment on the McCutcheon decision by the Supreme Court (the campaign election donations almost unlimited one) and she interviewed my second favorite Minnesotan politician Rep. Keith Ellison.

360 could still do a great segment on the McCutcheon decision tomorrow or Monday, after the dust settles and the usual 360 pundits have had a little time to mull it over. But they have to cover it.

Anonymous said...

Reportedly, Anderson just arrived in South Korea yesterday with Chris Evans.