Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Tuesday, 04/08/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair and live in both the 8pmET and 11pmET hours.

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Jaanza said...

Tuesday's 360 had two topics: 370 and promoting 'The Survivor Diaries'. I spent most of the hour watching MSNBC. Hayes' sub had a variety of topics including two I found especially interesting: the Paycheck Fairness Act and NCAA money, student athletes and another kind of fairness for them.

Anderson covered the new info in the search for Malaysia 370 (which didn't differ greatly from yesterday). He talked to Miles O'Brien, David Gallo, Richard Quest and Captain Mark Matthews.

The second segment started with yet another by Randi Kaye on search technology. I switched to MSNBC (voter alleged suppression in Cuyahoga Cty, OH being connected to money tussles). When I got back to 360 there was a reporter in an airplane wreckage warehouse with expert (?) Michael Barr. When Anderson began a panel with Quest and O'Brien, I checked on Hayes' sub; he was speaking with Simon Ostrovsky about the riots in Ukraine. This is the same Ostrovsky whom Anderson used to talk with months ago.

Instead of covering the Paycheck Fairness Act or Rep. Vance McAllister or anything else, Anderson introduced a segment on the search for a WWII ship in the same neighborhood 370 is supposedly located. This was also the time the NCAA athletes and money segment was starting on MSNBC.

During 360, I noticed a couple short promos for 'The Survivor Diaries'. At the end 360 was a lengthy promo, longer clips from the show and an interview from the young woman apparently starring in it. From earlier commercials I had the impression several Boston Marathon bombing victims would be in the show but increasingly it looked like only the young woman (Adrienne?) would be featured. Furthermore, Anderson in the promos said 'she doesn't want to be defined by the bombing' but that's the entire focus of 'The Survivor Diaries'.

If 360 had a Bulletin I did not see it.

I also did not see 'The Survivor Diaries'.

aries moon said...

For weeks AC and his panel (Richard Quest in particular) have been saying that the search for the airplane is nearing an end--the numerous press conferences and hopeful statements from officials have given that impression again and again. The extended 360 with the latest press conference was another one of those moments, hopefully some genuinely definitive visual evidence will emerge soon.

The sort of political and domestic issues reporting that Chris Hayes does so well doesn't seem to be a priority for Anderson and his 360 staff. Unemployment issues, voting rights, unions, poverty, income inequality just don't seem to be on their radar, not even for a piece in the bulletin. President Obama REALLY gets short shrift on 360, they rarely see fit to mention whatever action he might currently be taking, such as his equal pay executive action signings. They pretty much ignore POTUS and the First Family.

Rachel Maddow had a great segment on her show that featured Attorney General Eric Holder schooling and mocking crazy Louie Gohmert and war monger John McCain being bested by the thoughtful, SOS John Kerry. I wish AC would do segments like this.

aries moon said...

Jaanza makes a very good point about Adrienne Haslet-Davis. Good for her progress and interest in helping others in similar situations, but she seems to be the only bombing survivor who has gotten so much media attention. Maybe she's the only one who wants it.