Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/1/14

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Jaanza said...

I was five minutes late getting to 360... sort of on purpose. I was finishing up some housework and could have rushed through it or put it off till later but figured there was no need to get to 360 right when it started because the first segment was going to be about 370. I don't know if the Chilean earthquake or Washington landslide was previewed in the first minute but I was certain 370 would be most of the first five minutes. I also figured 370 would be the first 45 minutes as it has been for several weeks now. While it is still a rightfully big story, so is any about the ACA or the Congressional hearing on the GM recall.

Five minutes into the show, the Jim Sciutto report was in progress. Then quickly to the panel of David Soucie, David Gallo, Miles O'Brien and Richard Quest to discuss the new search area, new version of the transcript and the general shiftiness of the Malaysian officials.

I stayed because of Quest but at a commercial break went to MSNBC. Hayes' sub was covering the ACA and his second segment had an interview with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear. Checking back to CNN, Anderson mentioned the Chilean earthquake and then there was a Randi Kaye report on search technology. Nope. Maybe this had a smidgen of new info but a segment on the ACA in Kentucky was more interesting for me today. When it was over, back on 360 Anderson was speaking with a new face, Sylvain Pascaud, about an already much-covered subject - black boxes.

The third segment started with another mention of the earthquake and then immediately into another show-and-tell with Soucie. His last one focused on the pinger attached to black boxes and this one emphasized the flight recorder technology inside.

Before the 45 minute mark, Anderson turned more attention to the Chilean earthquake. He talked to Shasta Darlington by phone and there was a 15 second video of people in the streets of some Chilean town. The same 15 second looped over and over again while talking to Darlington and then to David Gallo for a lesson on tectonics.

Near the end of the show, Ana Cabrera had a short report on the Washington state landslide. After a short wrap-up of the earthquake with new video and a better map, 360 ended.

No Bulletin, nothing on the ACA or the GM recall or the fact that March 2014 was the first month in eight years there were no American military deaths in Afghanistan. Granted disaster news is big business for CNN but at some point viewers are going to want to hear about other news. I'm past that point.

aries moon said...

The Affordable Care Act is an historic accomplishment for America--would 360 have seen fit to acknowledge this had it been brought forward by any other President? Erin Burnett at least made a mention of it and she's a frequent Obama/Democrat critic--other CNN programs also did the story or showed clips of the president's news conference. I get that there was breaking earthquake news, but if 360 can devote 5 minutes to the Washington landslide, how is it that they can't say one word about President Obama's and the Democrats landmark legislation? Jon Stewart went after CNN again for its excessive Flight 370 coverage and while I don't particularly mind it on 360, Stewart was right that CNN is acting as if there is no other news out there and for 360 to ignore the major change that has taken place in this country and millions of uninsured people gaining relief through ACA is simply mind-boggling and very disappointing. A credible news program reports on important events--they don't allow bias or resentment of a particular administration influence what gets reported and what doesn't. 360 clearly has no interest in reporting on President Obama unless it's something they can criticize him over.

doglover said...

4/1/14 Opened with update on MH370 & discussion of black boxes - David Soucue opened one on set. So many theories opinions storied obviously Malaysia changjng its stories several times ..There was breaking news on the earthquake in Chile giving warning of a Tsunami for Chile Peru &Ecuador. On a later program AC did say the warning was cancelled. MH 370 still takes up most of the news --areal break on reluable information would be nice --there us somuch going on now to cover...