Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/15/14

And another excellent report on the ebola outbreak was filed by Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

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Jaanza said...

I wish I could remember exactly what Anderson said at the top of Tuesday's 360 when he was previewing the big stories that would be covered in the show. Maybe Ukraine was in that mix, maybe not.

The first 33 minutes were again on Malaysia flight 370 with slight variations from Monday's show. It started with an overview report by Michael Holmes; a panel with Schiavo, Soucie and Gallo; Gallo demonstrating something to Anderson; Gary Tuchman reporting on search submarine technology; Randi Kaye reporting on some tangent topic and then more with the panel. I don't know the details because I spent most of this time watching Hayes.

Anderson gave a mere mention to the suspicious backpacks found near the finish line of today's Boston Marathon before moving on to an Al Queda video which surfaced today. I saw that Anderson spoke with Barbara Starr and Peter Bergen but during this time I mostly saw Hayes.

Sanjay Gupta's second report from Guinea about the ebola outbreak was the only part of 360 I paid close attention to. This was terrific field reporting.

The reason I asked about Ukraine earlier was because I didn't see it in the hour. At one point there was a commercial teaser but the strife going on in that country didn't get its own segment. It may have been the first blip of the Bulletin. I didn't see the start of the Bulletin, having switched back to CNN just when the Pistorius blip was in progress.

The last piece of 360 was a short remembrance of last year's bombing at the Boston Marathon. It was nicely done but surprisingly short considering how involved Anderson has been in reporting the bombing after it happened and in recently reporting on one victim's recovery.

I haven't forgotten that over 200 lives were lost when Malaysia 370 disappeared. However, at this point 360 is devoting too much time to this story when there's lots of other news going on.