Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/22/14

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Jaanza said...

I had some problems with a few elements of Tuesday's 360. The lead report was on the South Korean capsized ferry. News that the first distress call from the ferry came from a passenger (and then from the crew three minutes later) was indeed new news today. However, by 8 PM New York time it was no longer "Breaking News", the story had been all over the place before Anderson sat down in the anchor chair.
Nevertheless, Kyung Lah had a terrific report of all the latest; most distressing was the fact that 'catcher' boats were there to try to get drifting bodies before they were swept out to sea. Anderson questioned James Staples and Kim Petersen for their takes on the new info. Brendon Webb had a technical glitch and wasn't involved in the panel until the second segment.

Again, the second segment started with a tangent report by Randi Kaye. Not just any tangent report (technical subs involved in the recovery effort) but one that had been on 360 in one form or another 20-some times in the last seven weeks. It wasn't anything new, it wasn't needed, it wasn't "LIVE" and the time could have been better used covering another story. Anderson then spent more time with the panel simply to go into further detail.

I was stuck with most of the 370 report because Hayes was in a commercial break. I didn't pay close attention but the gist of the segment seemed to be 'still haven't found anything, considering adapting a long-term search mode'.

370 got a second segment. As if the 20+ report on underwater search technology wasn't bad enough, viewers were treated to yet another report on black boxes. This one was done by Michael Holmes but it was the same old facts. The facts about black boxes hasn't changed since the first 360 report on them to the this, the gazillioneth one.

There was a short segment on the airplane stowaway teenager which had a report by Dan Simon and the night's third tangent report; this one on a historical look at other airplane wheel well stowaways.

It was disappointing because there was other big news of the day that wasn't getting covered. Anderson said nothing about Simon Ostrovsky being 'detained' in Ukraine or the Supreme Court's new decision on Affirmative Action and public universities. These weren't even blips on the Bulletin. Furthermore, the blips that were in the Bulletin - DNA tests on suspected Al Queda bodies in Yemen, Biden in Ukraine, Obama at site of Washington landslide - all richly deserved there own segments. Instead viewers saw redundant reports on search subs and black boxes.

Hayes' show was so much better. Whoever is deciding the story selection for 360 needs a swift kick in the behind. I hope that's not Anderson.