Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Tuesday 4/29/14

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Jaanza said...

Understandably, a lot of 360 was devoted to the LA Clippers, the NBA and Donald Sterling. This is still a new story and things were happening today (Sterling banned by NBA) and reactions were fresh. After an overview report, Anderson questioned Rachel Nichols singly and then in a group with Jeffrey Toobin, Otis Birdsong, Jay Williams (on phone) an;d Sunny Hostin. One interesting tidbit for me was the fact that the Clippers are also partially owned by Mrs. Sterling (the wife, not the stunning Black/Latina woman) and what does this mean if the NBA forces Sterling to sell the team?

In the second segment, Anderson spoke with Stephanie Elam, standing by at Staples Stadium for a press conference by the Clippers' coach. Randi Kaye's report on other scandalous racists sport teams owners was not as good as Rachel Maddow's yesterday. But Maddow had a far longer report. Kaye's report was 90% on former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schot and a bit on Washington Senators/Minnesota Twins owner Calvin Griffith. Kaye totally left out George Preston Marshall (Washington Redskins). Marshall's absence from Kaye's report was baffling.

Tornadoes are still wrecking havoc on Mississippi and Alabama. Jennifer Gray was at the weather map and Chad Myers was in Alabama reporting from the road.

Has anyone been keeping track of how many different versions we will get of Malaysia 370's last words to air traffic control? I think the new version today is like the fourth one. Michael Holmes reported on an Aussie firm's statement that they may have found 370 in the Bay of Bengal (far northern Indian Ocean). David Gallo and David Soucie discussed this possibility.

This is actually one piece of 370 news I'd like to hear more about. Maybe tomorrow when the Sterling/Clippers story has calmed down this new find in the Bay of Bengal will be covered further.

Toobin had time to answer just one of Anderson's questions before the start of Coach Doc River's press conference. Coverage of this press conference filled the rest of the hour.

It was a good 360 but I still checked in on Hayes.