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Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 04/23/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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doglover said...

4/23/14 doglover I missed opening few minutes of AC360 but Anderson spent some time on events of 360 & latest questions /developments. Its a shame so many literal screw ups havd been a part of this disaster. An sure many feel overwhelmed with all the information &efforts that have taken place.He spent time on the Korean ferry disaster &.nicd tribute to the brave young girl who was such a selfless hero. Also gave an interesting report on the Veterans hospital that is just unbelievable.Drew Griffin gave a good interview on the situation &I have a feeling Anderson will not let this slide &whill revisit it again. Because an interruption I missed last bit of program but all in all it was a quickmoving program

Jaanza said...

Another day, another hour spent mostly watching Hayes. The first report on was Malaysia 370. A piece of metal washed ashore south of Perth but it's already been officially declared not part of the 370 plane. That didn't stop Anderson from making it the lead story and devoting two segments to 370. I checked in every 60 seconds or so, saw there was a repot, a panel and yet another questionable Randi Kaye report.

This Randi Kaye report was one garbage in the ocean. I don't know if it was the exact same report she did on this topic from a few weeks ago. The icon on screen said "LIVE" when the report was clearly not being broadcast live. Maybe the "LIVE" icon appears whenever 360 as a whole is new but remains on screen even for taped reports. If so, that's playing fast and loose with the concept of "LIVE" television. Hayes was covering the political impact of ACA with Howard Dean and Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-PA).

The second segment started with a report on the already much-covered topic of underwater search technology. Back to Hayes.

The South Korean ferry segment was probably the best of the night. And when I say 'best of the night' I mean the segment I stayed to watch almost entirely. Kyung Lah covered the latest basics, Anderson asked good questions and another report and question/answer session with Paula Hancock focusing on the ferry crew member Park Ji Young who saved lives but lost her own.

Drew Griffin was back with an investigative report on VA hospitals who fudge the paperwork to make it look like the hospitals are actually better than they are in real life. This involved fraudulent waiting lists and vets died. This report (also "LIVE") was probably on the shelf for a while, until the news on 370 and then the SK ferry simmered down. I can't comment on the quality of Griffin's report, I was watching Hayes.

New information about the airplane wheel well stowaway teenager got a few minutes. Dan Simon talked to Anderson about the kid and the security investigation.

At least two blips in the Bulletin deserved full reports: U.S. troops in Poland with an eye on Ukraine and Sherpas' strike at Mt. Everest. The other two blips deserved only blips: Prince Charles' bro-in-law died and Spacewalk selfie.
Curiously most of the time of this blip was an audio by an American climber who's life was saved by a Sherpa. How about a nice big report on what the Sherpas do and why they are striking all from the Sherpas' point of view?

Hayes had interviews with author Thomas Piketty (Capital in the Twenty-First Century) and another with author Michael Lewis (Flash Boys). Anderson is still oodles more adorable than Hayes but Hayes had more of my attention Wednesday night. It's all about story selection.

aries moon said...

Miguel Marquez's report/segment on Flight 370's 'find', which turned out to be of no significance was a total waste of time and it might be time to cut back on Flight 370 coverage if AC360 has to repeat reports like Randi Kaye's on ocean garbage which already aired about a week or so ago.

The report on the young Korean crew member of the ferry that sank was moving but once again, I wish they would leave the heartbreaking scenes of the loved one's grief out of the segment.

Can't stomach Drew Griffin and if he and AC can't be bothered to investigate why Republicans and AC's buddy John McCain continue to block Veteran's benefit funding, I don't particularly want to watch another VA Keeping Them Honest, because AC360's not exactly being honest in how they choose to cover veteran-related issues. If this VA hospital has harmed veterans, of course it should be called out but GOP politicians who want to feign outrage about this while at the same time screwing veterans over repeatedly make me sick.

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans could, they'd blame Obama for the ferry disaster, if they could only find a link.
And that includes both Anderson and John McCain.

aries moon said...

Sadly true anon 11:19 pm.