Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, 04/30/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.....

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Jaanza said...

Anderson had a few minutes at the start for the floods in Alabama and Mississippi. He talked with Ed Lavendera who was on location. The rest of the first segment was on Sterling, the Clippers and the NBA. The panel was Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Steve Stoute and Jay Williams to discuss the racist rant, the outcry to the racist rant, the media role in all of this and the future of the Clippers.
I halfway watched Hayes' cover the botched execution in Oklahoma because it was a good report and I figured Anderson would either have only a couple minutes on it or it would be a blip in the Bulletin. I was wrong on both counts. It was never mentioned.

However there was room for Randi Kaye's tangent report of the night. I didn't care if it was good enough to win a Pulitzer Prize, I just wasn't interested in a profile of Sterling's mistress. At this time Hayes had his own segment on Sterling and the Clippers and when I got back to 360, Anderson was talking with Toobin and a reporter at a basketball court (I didn't catch his name).

Ed Lavendera was back with more info on the flooding down south and Anderson had more questions for him.

Drew Griffin was back also. He finally got an interview with the head honcho at that VA hospital Griffin reported on earlier, the hospital with the secret waiting lists. This meant a lengthy recap of the earlier report and another Q&A with Anderson.
Overall, follow-up reports can be very important. I kept hoping Anderson would have followed-up with the rape case in Montana he covered so well last year. This was the case of a teacher raping a 14-year-old who later committed suicide. Judge Baugh ruled the victim "was older than her chronological age" and sentenced the rapist to only one month in jail. Today Baugh was barred and the rapist will be "re-sentenced" to fit with state law guidelines. I remember Anderson having heartfelt interviews with the girl's mother. But nothing was said about today's step towards justice for this crime. Anderson? Could you at least make this a blip in the Bulletin tomorrow?

My favorite part of the show was the last report on the possibility of Malaysia 370 being in the Bay of Bengal. There was a good overview report and then a smart discussion with Miles O'Brien, Mary Schiavo and David Soucie. All three had doubts, well-expressed, that the object in the satellite photos could be 370.

There was no Bulletin. And besides there being nothing on the Oklahoma execution or the Montana rape case, there was also nothing on Justice Scalia's mistake in his EPA dissent opinion document. Omitting Scalia and Oklahoma I can understand but there is something wrong if Anderson never covers the new development in the Montana rape case.

Anonymous said...

Not surprising, 360 was CNN's top daily show for
April 2014. Anderson has a smaller audience but
he is starting to deliver a better demo percentage
than BOR. Those demo numbers keep going down
for FNC. Too bad CNN can't figure out the rest of
prime time.