Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Anderson Cooper on The Howard Stern Show 03/31/2014

Anderson was a guest on Howard Stern's radio show on Monday, March 31st.  The interview was over an hour long and covered many topics.

You may read about Anderson's interview at HowardStern.com by clicking here.  Or from Classicalite.com by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Does Anderson ever stop promoting himself? I've never seen anyone so self absorbed, except perhaps, Howard Stern.
Together, it is like two narcisstic groupies promoting themselves and their achievements.
I've never listened to Howard Stern on FM radio and I certainly wouldn't bother to listen to him now.
Wasn't he on Idol and it flopped, not that Idol is hopping now.

aries moon said...

Good interview, Howard Stern asked some tough questions about CNN and difficult ones about Carter, Gloria Vanderbilt, Alec Baldwin, etc and AC didn't back away from any of them--it's nice to hear him open up and be thrown a little off balance and not as controlled.

Anonymous said...

How much is Gloria worth now? I find it hard to believe Anderson won't inherit anything. I mean if she has a vast fortune I would think he will share it with his two half brothers. Anderson is always bragging about not getting her money but lets face it his mom's money did help him. He went to Yale and went to war zones which he couldn't have done if he had to work a nine to five job. It gave him more freedom and spare time to go to war zones and figure out his path.

Anonymous said...

Howard Stern is known as the "shock jock" and his mouth has gotten him into trouble in the past, but he is a good interviewer. And Anony 12:04 Howard is a judge on America's Got Talent and they signed him for a third season, so I wouldn't call that a flop.

I enjoyed this interview and the wide range of topics it covered. Howard isn't afraid to ask the tough questions and Anderson answered most pretty frankly but hedged on a few.

@Anon 1:43 Gloria had to sell her Hamptons home and her home in NYC some years back. Don't remember the details, but it was a mix of a bad business manager and back taxes. She moved in with Anderson at the time, but ended up selling her GV Jeans business for a lot of money to get herself out of the mess. She has since written several books and sold her art work, so she's doing well financially again.

Remember that Anderson worked as a child model, a waiter and said he did construction and odd jobs for a year after college while trying to get an entry level position at ABC news. He did say his mom paid for college, but he may have used his own money to travel to Africa. You simply don't know.

Anderson has never been one to "use" the Vanderbilt name and he's worked a lot of years to get to where he is today; not to mention traveling to places most people wouldn't go to cover a story he believed worth telling.

So many trust fund babies never accomplish much in their lifetimes and I think both Gloria and Anderson realize this. Maybe Gloria will leave some of her money to Anderson upon her death, but she has two other sons and grandchildren, too. What she does with her money is her business and she may have decided it goes to charity.

I've known many people of financial means and they have a wide variety of beliefs on how to spend their money during their lifetime and who/what charities is goes to upon their death. It's simply not for us to judge.

With so many interesting topics discussed over the course of the hour I'm disappointed that the inheritance issue was the one that made headlines.

It was a good interview and I hope Anderson does more like it.


Anonymous said...

Gloria Vanderbilt does not have a vast fortune anymore.
Most of the original trust fund money was spent many years ago.
And the last really big deal she had going for her was her "jean business" in the seventies, which she sold.
Her recent books did not sell well and sorry, her paintings, though admired by many because she signed them, are childish.
Her name is valued now more than her work...but she is 90.
Why in the world would she leave Anderson anything?
He certainly doesn't need it and she does have other children and grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

"Anderson has never been one to use the Vanderbilt name."
He certainly used it to promote his book and he promoted his talker with several appearances by his mother.
I'd say that was using the Vanderbilt
name and story line. Obviously she agreed to do it, but it was still to his advantage.
And if and when he does an HBO special, if this really is in the works....that certainly is promoting the Vanderbilt name for both of them.

Anonymous said...

I think Anderson never really focused on using the Vanderbilt name because he's a guy and therefore has his father's last name. If he were a girl it would be different. Then Vanderbilt would be his last name. Plus most everyone knows that Gloria Vanderbilt is his mom so he doesn't really need to say it. However like someone said before he did use her for his show and everytime he's on a talk show they bring up her jeans or books etc. Yes he has worked but he had advantages a lot of ppl don't have. I think he tries to down play it so it seems like he had a regular childhood which he didn't. He worked as a model and waiter but I doubt he made a lot of money doing that. It's weird he said he doesn't believe in inheriting money when that's exactly what his mom did. Yes she went on to work but she did inherit money. They both had different childhoods than most ppl.I just think he should admit he grew up rich and had advantages and that he's thankful for that.