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Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 05/09/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair.....


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Jaanza said...

There were some things I liked in Friday's 360 and a couple things I absolutely hated. Let's go in chronological order.

Anderson, Drew Griffen and 360 can still trumpet themselves for exposing big problems at VA hospitals and getting VA Sect. Shinseki in trouble. Griffin highlighted another VA hospital "cooking the books" in Wyoming. I can't get too irritated by these reports if in fact something new has occurred (like the subpoenas) but wouldn't like seeing this as a weekly series ('…the VA hospital being exposed today is…'). Anyway I checked out Hayes' "Wage War" (the minimum wage battle) and when I got back to 360, Anderson was discussing the near collision of a jet and a drone with Miles O'Brien and Rene Marsh. So the VA piece didn't even last a full segment.

The segment on Malaysia 370 started out great. Anderson, "…everything we thought we knew about where it went down could be completely wrong." There's new data, new flight path info and the real possibility that Malaysia hasn't released all the facts yet. Ari Schulman, David Soucie and Miles O'Brien had a terrific discussion about all of this.
This is where one of the things I HATED popped up. For reasons I cannot begin to imagine, Randi Kaye's report on the 2007 search for Fossett in the Nevada desert was broadcast AGAIN! For the THIRD or FOURTH time! WHY? Is it sheer laziness? Is reporting on new news too hard? Did the producers think we wouldn't remember seeing this before? AAUUGH!

Besides the short bits of a new interview (or just plain rant) by Sterling, the segment on the LA Clippers upcoming forced sale had a few other new pieces. While it was still a debate between Geragos, Toobin and Hostin about whether wife Sherry Sterling can keep her partial ownership of the team and the law concerning community property, there was also new stuff about how Sterling just happens to be audio recorded when he makes these rants. I especially liked Toobin dismissing Hostin, who had said "…this does make some sort of sense", with the reply, "Not to people who matter."

Instead of a repeated airing of Kaye's report on finding Fossett, more time could have been given to the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls and Vladimir Duthiers. Or more time to Fran Townsend's and jeff Beatty's talk on a possible rescue.

Here's the second thing I HATED about tonight's program. Anderson started a segment reporting on the Crimea, Putin, Ukraine and the whole mess over there that's been largely ignored all week. But this wasn't a segment about the Crimea or Putin or Ukraine. Mentioning those things served only as an introduction to Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain's next episode was filmed in Russia. So here's another clip of Bourdain and Anderson chatting in a restaurant, this time Anderson was asking about Bourdain's time in Russia. How's that for stretching a tangent?

Is Anderson contractually obligated to promote Bourdain every week? And what's making him re-air Kaye's Fossett report every couple weeks?

aries moon said...

Couldn't believe they aired the Randi Kaye Fossett report again. Total waste of time.

I may have missed it, but I'm not sure if AC or his panelists mentioned that the L.A. Clippers named former Time Warner executive Richard Parsons as interim CEO for the team--I recall seeing AC and Parsons pictured at some CNN event a few years back.

On another note, Sunny Hostin was on Chopped on the Food Network the other night. She got chopped.