Friday, May 16, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Friday, 05/16/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair...


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aries moon said...

AC and Chris Hayes had the awful Glen Greenwald on at the same time in their shows. Ugh, had to turn them both off.

Jaanza said...

There's not a whole lot I can say about Friday's 360. I watched some of it but also checked in on Hayes and Shark Tank (moved an hour earlier so ABC could air a 2-hour Barbara Walter goodbye). However, I did see that the first two segments were about Donald Sterling, who's refusing to quietly go away. Sterling won't pay the fine and will fight the NBA over Clippers' ownership. I saw more of the first segment because during the second Hayes had an excellent report on school segregation.

At :27 into the hour Anderson covered the southern California wildfires. This included a report by Gary Tuchman, an interview with a couple affected by the fires and then Tom Foreman explaining firenadoes. Someone at 360 worked really hard on the computer graphics making the firenado but it looked odd to have Foreman standing among the flames.

I didn't see the follow-up report on the adopted girl so I don't know her whole story but wish her well. It's just that Hayee had a much more interesting story on the Moral Monday Movement in North Carolina. When I checked back to 360 the Bulletin was just ending.

Anthony Bourdain's promo was also not watched. Funny thing is, at this time Hayes was interviewing Glenn Greenwald, author of a new book on the NSA and Edward Snowden. I say it was funny because during the last few minutes of 360 Anderson was also interviewing Greenwald and for this piece the LIVE icon on the screen went away. I didn't pay attention to the LIVE earlier in the show. Is someone at 360 getting better at taking LIVE down during taped parts of the show or was it simply during the Greenwald interview because they knew he was simultaneously on LIVE at MSNBC?

doglover said...

5/17/14 This has been a bad week for me to see mich of AC either on the early segment here or later so only got bits &pieces of the programs. I did manage to see the full special regarding theDonald Sterling issue. I got the impession that Sterling thought Anderson would not only be sympathetic to him but thatthe interview would be a pushover. He should havd known he could soft-soap AC. even though he said he liked Anderson later calling him a racist etc. He is so pathetic & AC did well to control some replies he might have wanted to make. There were some good chuckles tho espec when AC asked him if he had been intimate with Ms.Siviano &he said wasnt nice to discuss thier private doings later asking Anderson ifhe found a girl he liked how wouldhe feel about these things which a big smile &controlled chuckle from AC..The interview with Magic Johnson was well done fair &honest with no bs by Johnson. It was evident that AC enjoyed that segment. I hope their is limited time given to this incident as it seems to me Sterling likes to weep &wail his story all over..Hopefully this coming week I can getback to enjoying AC's news. Its good to get a wider view thanwhat we get here in Canada.