Monday, May 19, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 5/19/14

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Jaanza said...

I don't say often enough how much I love Anderson. He's so smart and adorable and has done such great work since trekking off to Myanmar/Burma in the early 1990's with a camcorder and a fake press patch.
Chris Hayes can't compare. Unfortunately for Anderson and CNN, Hayes is putting out a better news program and that's where I was most of the hour.

Monday's 360 started with Donald Sterling's fight against the NBA. I didn't know how long this would be and checked Hayes, who was reporting on "Primary Night Eve in America". However, the Sterling report was a short one. Checking back to 360 after a few minutes later Anderson was covering "cybersnooping" and introduced a report by Pamela Brown. Brown's report was well done but certainly not 'LIVE' as indicated by the icon in the corner of the screen.
CNN playing fast and loose with 'LIVE' is my current pet peeve.
Anderson's interview with Cassidy Wolf, cybersnooping victim, was pretty good.

Drew Griffin can congratulate himself on the VA hospital reporting. It was good investigative reporting, is getting attention by government officials and other VA hospitals are now being scrutinized. I spent this time watching Hayes cover the GOP's (and Marco Rubio's in particular) stand on the legalization of marijuana.

This is where 360 got baffling. Instead of reporting on the Balkan floods or the Ukrainian crisis, Anderson did an interview with a guy who encountered a shark and had cool video of it. Even worse, the rest of the segment and the next segment were clips of Anderson's shark report (for '60 Minutes'?) done a couple years ago. (And furthermore, the clips in the earlier segment were labelled 'LIVE'.) At this time Hayes had a great report on Kansas politics, the Koch brothers and renewable energy.

I never heard of Ryan Lewis before. However, the interview with him and his mom concerning HIV was nicely done but felt like filler taped who knows how long ago. There was a Bulletin.

By the time The Ridiculist rolled around I was too disgruntled about the quality of the show so far. Anderson made fun of a woman on a D-grade 'The View' copy for her remarks on NFLer Micheal Sam kissing his boyfriend. This might have been incredibly witty and creative but I didn't feel like watching it.

aries moon said...

Didn't care for Anderson and Drew Griffin trying to push the notion that President Obama knew what was happening in the VA hospitals but did nothing about it. I realize that they both have been DYING to implicate the president on SOMETHING, ANYTHING, since Fast and Furious/IRS/Obamacare/Benghazi scandal mongering got them nowhere, but using the Washington Times, a Fox News-like right wing paper, as one of your main sources doesn't exactly shout fair and balanced reporting. AC even had to backpedal a bit on his accusations about the president at one point. It would be good if AC and Drew took an interest in looking deeper into the problems at the VA other than trying their hardest to make sure the President is maligned and blamed. The problems at the VA have been going on for a LONG time, longer than the president has been in office and it doesn't help that the VA is underfunded and that Republicans don't want to spend the money needed to help vets and the VA hospitals but still demand first rate service from overworked staff. AC and Drew can't wait to blame the president but neither say a word about the GOP and how atrociously they've treated vets and how their policies have led to what's happening now. Rachel Maddow hit on this recently, but you won't get that from AC360 or Griffin in their rush to try to smear President Obama in this.

I am annoyed with Anderson, but his skewering of the bigoted, hypocritical TV personality in Texas on the Ridiculist was perfect.

doglover said...

5/21/14 what a nice set of pictures. AC&Molly make a great pair