Monday, May 05, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360, Monday 5/5/14

Part 1 of Anderson Cooper's interview with Michelle Knight aired on Monday, Part 2 will be on Tuesday's AC360.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

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Henry said...

Anderson was in LA tonight right?

Jaanza said...

I didn't think the story that other VA hospitals have secret waiting lists and that VA groups are mad deserved to be the lead story. But because I was still in and out of the kitchen cooking supper I was glad this was the first story because I could miss it and not care. Unfortunately I also missed the start of the report on the 200+ abducted Nigerian girls. Anderson had a good panel with Vlad Duthiers (in Nigeria) and Peter Bergen.

Anderson was surprised the pings heard in the southern Indian Ocean might not have been from Malaysia 370. I'm not. Tthis news story has had numerous misinformations and detours. The only surprising thing now would be if they actually found the plane this year. David Soucie and Mary Schiavo discussed the pings, black boxes, megahertz data, trust and skepticism.

Four days ago the news came out on convicted rapist Sir Young and looney Texas Judge Jeanine Howard. The furor about the community service in a rape crisis center is not new but the news that Judge Howard has been recused and a new judge will re-sentence Young is. Bobbie Villareal, Director of the Dallas Rape Crisis Center, was very well-spoken and made her point clear what she thought about Howard's decision; she thought it stunk. Sunny Hostin will apparently take any opposite side of any legal argument, no matter how reprehensible, just to be on TV. Hostin made comments to put Young in a good light ("...he confessed the very same day...") and to defend Howard's decision (by comparing it to putting convicted drunk drivers to work for MADD). Hostin barely maintained that this situation was different. Villareal stated her center was "not here to rehabilitate the defendant" and stated the new judge wants to be way tougher on Young. Hostin immediately replied, "That's not my understanding..." Thankfully, Anderson had to end the segment right there because if I had to listen to Hostin anymore I probably would have thrown a brick at the TV.

Anderson had an interview with Michelle Knight, one of the women held hostage for 10+ years by Ariel Castro. This is the one-year mark of her and the two other women's freedom. However, I wasn't able to pay close attention to this segment.

Gary Tuchman had a short report on the Ringling Bros. Circus disaster and then Anderson coming back just to say "...we ran out of time...the Texas rape segment ran long..." There was no Bulletin.

Was Anderson in LA? Is he still going to interview ex-Clippers owner Sterling and/or girlfriend Stiviano?

aries moon said...

AC360 must've seen the numerous tweets calling for them and other news networks to cover the plight of the missing girls in Nigeria and Vlad Duthiers turned in a strong report.

The Michelle Knight interview was ok, but I'm not crazy about 360 always rehashing and going back to talk about old subjects when there is plenty of important news they never bother to touch--but AC has this never-ending interest in survivor stories.