Thursday, May 08, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday, 05/08/2014

Anderson Cooper was in the AC360 anchor chair....


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Jaanza said...

There wasn't much I liked on Thursday's 360. I was a couple minutes late, Anderson was covering Clippers' owner Sterling, the forced sale coming up and what wife Sherry Sterling wants. An okay topic but I checked Hayes who's first segment was titled "Obamacare Won". So I stayed to listen how GOPers are backing away from fighting the ACA and are gearing up to make Benghazi their big foaming at the mouth rant.

Sterling was also the topic at the start of the second segment. I watched Hayes interview a gun shop owner.

Yes, Drew Griffin can pat himself on the back because his reports on VA hospitals and their secret waiting lists has moved the House of Reps to subpoena Dept. of Veterans Affairs Sect. Shinseki about the matter. Griffin and Anderson discussed this and Griffin had another report on another VA hospital, this time in San Antonio TX, doing the same thing. So yay - the right people took action and vets will be helped. Unfortunately I think this means Griffin will have a 'VA hospitals behaving badly' report every few days for the next few months.

Chad Myers showed up for a short weather report about tornadoes in Minnesota. Even though I'm glad my home state got a mention on 360, I don't like the idea of every big storm, every hurricane getting time on 360. Storm season just started. Is every tornado going to need it's own report? It's local news.
I didn't bother watching Randi Kaye's report on the fire and bodies found in a former athlete's home. Again, I don't think it deserved time on 360 when there were more important stories out there.

Like the fate of the 200+ kidnapped Nigerian girls. Not only does story selection matter it also matters where in the hour they are placed and this was placed at :50 past the start. It was a very good report and I'm beginning to really like Vladimer Duthiers.

Before and after the segment on the Nigerian girls, I saw Hayes start of report on Common Core education standards, problems with it and fights against it. And then have a smart panel to discuss.
Back at 360 I stayed with the Ridiculist long enough to learn the topic, 'Serial Poopers', and then back to Hayes. Sometimes I like juvenile scatological humor but at the time I was in no mood for it.

Maybe I should feel bad for touting Hayes in this post. And maybe Anderson and the 360 producers should make a better 360. Is anyone here honestly intensely interested in the Sterling saga? For me, 2 or 3 minutes would have been enough. Is CNN getting feedback that Sterling is the new 370?

aries moon said...

The Sterling saga has gotten old but I was glad to see Charles Blow back on 360 and the discussion on Sterling and race was a good one.

Agree with Jaanza that the report on the kidnapped girls in Nigeria should've definitely should've been earlier in the show given the subject matter and Vlad Duthier's fine reporting.

I also agree with Jaanza on 360 reporting on the weather--unless it's something really catastrophic, I don't think it belongs on the show.

Well, once again I enjoyed the Ridiculist, AC always manages to make even the grossest topics amusing.