Monday, May 12, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Interview with Donald Sterling for AC360 5/12/14

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Unknown said...

TO MR. STERLING: You only donated money to causes when you thought that your name would be put on a building or that you would receive "Man of the Year" Award. Magic has many employees working for his corporation all over this city. Magic Johnson has donated money to churches; AID Foundations; Scholarships; Fraternities and Sororities. It is easy to try and put someone down, especially when you are jealous of that person. You are like a man who thinks he knows, but doesn't know that he doesn't know. If I were Magic Johnson, I would sue you for libel. When talking about Magic Johnson, you stated, "What guy would go to every city and have sex with every girl." I would make you prove that I went to every city in the United States and had sex with every girl.

Jaanza said...

There are some people out there who are fascinated by the Donald Sterling debacle and this 360 was for them. It was nothing butSterling plus a segment of Spike Lee reacting to Sterling's comments. If there was time for a Bulletin, I didn't see it because I spent that time watching Hayes who covered a variety of topics including the GOP's dismal record on the environment, Gov. Christie, Michael Sam and more.

However, I did see bits and pieces of Anderson's Sterling interview, enough to know that Anderson did ask Sterling about his history of racist comments and actions, which cut off any delusions by Sterling or anyone else that this was a one-time thing. Also, the Spike Lee interview was a nice addition to the otherwise all-Sterling hour.

There will be more of this on Tuesday, more of Sterling and more reactions to what he said in this interview. I hope tomorrow someone fixes the 'LIVE' icon on the corner of the screen. It was stuck showing 'LIVE" all during the Sterling clips which we all know was taped over the weekend.

aries moon said...

Donald Sterling is a racist. If he thought his ridiculous interview with his fake, insulting apologies would change minds, he was dead wrong. He came off worse than ever--Anderson just let him hang himslef. Spike Lee made a good point about the lack of action as far as getting rid of the Sterlings altogether. Who would really want to come out and support this guy? His nasty comments about Magic Johnson should be the nail in his coffin.

Unknown said...

How do you bring spike lee ( one of the most racist people on bi-racial couples) to talk about sterling's rant. Why is there not outrage about lee? He is part of the problem not the solution! !!