Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Interview With Donald Sterling for AC360 Part 2, 05/14/2014

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Jaanza said...

Go ahead and accuse me of having a short-attention span or too sensitive ears but I am fed up listening to Donald Sterling's whiny voice and his attempts to spin his rant into something it's not. Most of the hour on Wednesday was spent with Hayes.

I checked 360 several times and know Sterling and Sterling tangents were 85% of the show. That's terrific for anyone who tuned in just for this news story. That's not me, however the ratings have been up for Monday and Tuesday so apparently I'm in the minority.

At :51 past Anderson spent three minutes on the wildfires near San Diego CA. Right before the Bulletin Anderson squeezed in the news about Obama appointing a special advisor to the Veterans Administration to... do something. It wasn't exactly clear but Anderson promised more info tomorrow. I expect that means Drew Griffin will be back?

aries moon said...

Hopefully the Sterling coverage is coming to an end--I'm pretty over it but I'm also not looking forward to seeing Drew Griffin back on 360 either!