Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Anderson Cooper's Interview with Magic Johnson for AC360 5/13/14


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Jaanza said...

DH was already watching 'Man on the Moon' for a half hour when 360 started. I had a pretty good idea Anderson's interview with Magic Johnson would be the lead story so I didn't kick up a fuss. During a commercial break in the movie at :10 past the hour, I checked in to 360 and yep, Anderson was talking to Magic Johnson. Same thing at :28 past and :42 past and apparently the entire hour.

While the Sterling/Clippers/Johnson story is a big deal to some viewers and I do note that today was a slow news day, that's not to say all other news was at a standstill. Hayes had reports on death-row executions, Rand Paul's position on voter fraud and Karl Rove diagnosing Hillary Clinton with brain damage.

Magic Johnson has every right to reply to Sterling's comments about him. However, I didn't think Sterling's interview or Johnson's response deserved the entire hour. Sterling is despicable. Johnson stood up for himself. Both interviews were exclusives. But there IS other news going on out there.

And the 'LIVE' button was still stuck.

aries moon said...

You only need to listen to Magic Johnson to know that Donald Sterling's characterization of him is total nonsense. Good interview by AC.