Friday, May 30, 2014

Flashback Friday: Anderson and Arthell on Jack Nicholson and The NBA & A Bear and Cat Duo At The Berlin Zoo

Since Anderson Cooper talked about Sterling vs. The NBA tonight on AC360, we decided to search deep in the ATA vault and found this video from May 10, 2003 which opens with Anderson and Arthell discussing a little dust up with Jack Nicholson and an NBA ref and ends with a story and banter about a bear at the Berlin Zoo that has befriended a domestic cat.  Anderson's not convinced of the bear's motive at first.

Feel free to discuss this flashback and/or tonight's AC360.  And don't forget to check back Sunday for the first post of season two of The Mole!

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Anonymous said...

Love the flashback!

Friday's 360 was pretty predictable, unfortunately. I'm so over Drew Griffin and AC and Drew and AC360 patting themselves on the back. Let's face it, if the networks hadn't picked up the story, if wouldn't have gone anywhere. CNN doesn't have the ratings. AC360 had the ratings and the VA had big problems when Bush was president, but they didn't do an investigation then. AC360's ratings are a small fraction of what they used to be. Also tired of them bringing on only Republicans to discuss the issue. It's going to be interesting to watch now that the Republicans got with Shinseki's resignation. Of course they didn't show the POTUS presser where he said Shinseki resigned because attention was on him and not the problem. Can we say Republicans trying to deflect attention from their voting records on Veteran's issues? I hope the Dems go ballistic on them when it gets closer to the mid-term elections. They've got a lot of explaining to do in my opinion.

Anderson didn't appear to be in the NYC studio tonight. Wonder if he was traveling for 60 Minutes or something.

- Jenn

Jaanza said...

Thanks, ATA, for the old clip of pre-360 Anderson. It was very cute but my favorite line is from the meteorologist. "What's up with the bear's hair?" she asked, "It looks like a Liberace wig."

Friday's 360 was okay but nothing spectacular. Of course, it started with the news of VA Dept. Secretary Shinseki resignation. The report showed chunks of Drew Griffin's earlier reports and Rep. Jeff Miller was back for the panel. Miller complained about Shinseki and then other VA officials who testified at the House committee hearing. There was less Obama dissing today but I'm sure it will eventually come back to that. I wanted to hear more from the other panelist, Dr. Sam Foote. He had a great explanation about supply and demand. The VA hospitals are dealing with a huge increase in demand for their services. That element deserved more attention but the focus of the conversation turned to bureaucracy, the exposing of this problem and how others before Griffin tried to bring this problem noticed and fixed.

The segment on the 'Sterling Saga' gets bonus points from me simply because Drew Rosenhaus was there. Brian Todd got things rolling by explaining more about the sale, about Sterling's mental condition and his lawsuit against the NBA. Mark Geragos was the other guy in the panel but Rosenhaus stole the show with his enthusiastic rant about the $2 billion price for the team and what the impact might be for the future of sport franchise sales. I wanted to hear more from this guy.

What I didn't want to hear was a profile of Steve Ballmer, new owner of the LA Clippers. I checked Hayes instead.

Randi Kaye's report about activist Somaly Mam and the revelation that she fabricated chunks of her past, was pretty good.
Just one little problem and it's not limited to Kaye. I know it's summer (or darn close enough) but I don't like it when news women wear casual summery clothes during the newscasts. Kaye's sleeveless blue top looked wrong for the news. All the news guys are wearing suits and ties; don't the women want to look just as serious and professional?
Kaye wore the same blue top when she did the Bulletin.

I didn't see the end report about the oldest American's birthday. I switched to MSNBC during the commercial and stayed there because Hayes was interviewing Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
How can anyone not want to watch that?

@Jenn - totally agree about the VA hospital coverage. Instead of Griffin I would love to see Anderson interview current or recent-past VA hospital employees who are working the 'front lines' of this mess. There have been several good accounts from these people on the web (a few on the Gawker site with excellent comments). And yes, a Democrat would be a nice change.
Or even an Independent. How about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) who will re-introduce his VA Accountability bill which was rejected by the GOP three months ago.
I have noticed the ratings numbers also. I try to do my part by not switching to Hayes so much. But exceptions have to be made for people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

aries moon said...

Couldn't stomach watching 360 with the inevitable gloating and salivating over having gotten to the Obama Administration the way AC and Drew have wanted to do all along. I might be more inclined to congratulate the 360 team for what they uncovered at the VA facilities if their reporting wasn't so obviously and totally biased--Republicans and their role in the failures at the VA have gotten a complete pass from Drew Griffin/AC and frankly much of the beltway press and it's disgusting. As much as the media wants to demonize Shinseki and POTUS, they've actually taken steps to ease the burden on the VA system, UNLIKE Republicans who refuse to fund it and have blocked legislation for Veteran's & the VA. Huffington Post did a shocking article on Sen. John McCain's appalling record on veteran's issues, yet there he is in clips on 360 railing against the Obama Administration--the hypocrisy is enormous. Hard to imagine how 360 can allow itself to be so blatantly one-sided that they won't even talk about Republicans and how they've screwed over veterans or have any Democrats on the show. One of the producers tweeted about how she was thankful to have worked on the story with the 360 team--I'M thankful I can switch over to MSNBC and hear the TRUTH about the GOP and their awful treatment of vets--the truth the "we don't take sides" 360 refuses to acknowledge just so they can go after POTUS. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

"I hope the Dems go ballistic." Really? Are we giving this party a pass, because they certainly don't deserve it.
The Democratic party is part of the problem. Yes, the repugnant Republicans are abhorant and what is now taking place at the VA hospitals has taken place during
EVERY administration as far back as the Clintons.
So Shinseki's resignation will not make one ounce of difference because the lack of care given our veterans, has gone on for ages. It is not New. What is New, is the suicide rate, as recently reported in the NYT.
And the "Dems" know this and I'm still waiting for them to pass legislation on gun control BUT they wouldn't because they too, favor the NRA, but wouldn't admit it.
The day the "Dems go ballistic" it even sounds ridiculous, about any issue, will NEVER happen.
This DO NOTHING CONGRESS for lack of a better phrase, "needs to grow a pair" on BOTH sides of the aisle.
Excellent rant, aries always.

aries moon said...

anon 11:17, thanks for your comment about my 'rant'! And I agree with you about the cowardly Dems who haven't done a thing about gun control. I'm also disappointed in the weak Dems who jumped to side with the Republicans over Shinseki instead of standing up for him declaring loudly what he's done to HELP vets as opposed to what Republicans have done. Things may not magically change for the better now that Shinseki's out, in fact, they may get more confused.

Anonymous said...

Drew Griffin's stupidity never ceases to amaze.
TVN is reporting that he is quoted as saying, during his ten years at CNN he was told "to dig up "crap" and put it on the air."
Now that's what I call investigative reporting that excels.
Someone must ask Drew if the "crap" he put on the air about the veterans and the lack of care they are getting in the VA hospital has any substance, but than again he may have to Google the word "substance" in order to answer.