Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360: A Happy Birthday RidicuList, A Web Exclusive & A Flashback Interview

In honor of Anderson's birthday, some of his CNN colleagues appeared with birthday wishes on The RidicuList....

Anderson tweeted about being in Boston working today and also thanks for all the birthday wishes and posted the following picture to his Instagram page...

Anderson spoke with White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney and the interview ran long.  The entire interview was posted to the AC360 website as a web exclusive in two parts....

On tonight's AC360, Anderson referred to a previous interview he had with Sen. McCain on negotiating for the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Carney referenced McCain's statements from February in his interview as well.  We happened to have that clip in our archives.

From the AC360 Transcript on February 18, 2014....

First, though, new efforts being made tonight to bring home the only American soldier in captivity, Bowe Bergdahl, is his name. The army sergeant was seized in Afghanistan back in 2009. He's been held this long. He's believed to be held by the Taliban-aligned Haqqani Network inside Pakistan.

Over the years several proof of life videos of Bergdahl have been released. CNN is unable to independently confirm their authenticity. But just weeks ago the U.S. Military obtained a new video that's never been publicly released. It's raised concerns, though, about Bergdahl's health.

The Taliban has long demanded the release of five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo in exchange for his release. Well, today a U.S. official confirmed that new discussions led by diplomats and the Pentagon are underway.

As you know the United States has long policy saying they don't negotiate with terrorists. That's the official policy. But time may be running out. With U.S. troops set to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, there's the prospect of leaving a man behind.

Senator John McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, of course, has been a vocal opponent of negotiating with the Taliban in years past.

Tonight only on 360 he has a new position. I spoke to him earlier.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Despite it's being Anderson's birthday, I didn't watch as much of 360 as I should have.

Sgt. Bergdahl is still the big story both on 360 and Hayes. Again, Anderson devoted three segments to Hayes' two. In his first segment Anderson focused on reactions and details. His panel was Barbara Starr concentrating on the question of desertion, Michelle Kosinski on the White House/Obama apology or no apology and then Ed Lavendera on dad Robert Bergdahl's tweets and what they mean. In this segment Anderson also interviewed Jay Carney for the White House perspective. For all the Obama bashing on 360, I was glad to see Anderson talk to someone on Obama's side.

There were two things wrong with the second segment. In the first half, a home-repair guy came to the door ("My company is doing some work on one of your neighbor's house, is there anything you're thinking you'd like improved in your home?") And the second half had McCain. I switched to Hayes. Hayes eventually went to a commercial break so I checked back on 360. McCain was still talking. Back to MSNBC because I'd rather watch an erectile dysfunction commercial than McCain.

Just like yesterday, this time in 360 was spent covering POW recovery. Today Anderson spoke with Keith Stansell, who was a POW in Columbia for five years. Just like yesterday, I watched Hayes instead.

The segment on the two Wisconsin girls who stabbed another girl (all 12-years-old) disappointed me. Miguel Marquez did deliver a very good report (but mistakingly labelled LIVE), I wish Anderson had talked to Toobin or another legal expert about the girls being charged as adults. FBI profiler Mary Ellen O'Toole was okay but she didn't analyze the element of this story I was most interested in.

Again thanks, ATA, for posting today's Ridiculst. Very nice to see it again, for me because I loved Jeffrey Toobin calling Anderson "a blue-eyed gazelle albino with a crewcut" Overall it was a cute piece and I enjoyed seeing the photos of Anderson working as a model back in the day. I wish it hadn't been taped, that gives it a processed, canned quality. Doing it live would have been so much better.

aries moon said...

What a shock to see Press Secretary Jay Carney on 360--I'd practically given up on them ever bringing in a liberal again. I can't judge how Anderson questioned Carney as opposed to McCain because I was not going to sit through another one of McCain's tiresome rants against the Obama Administration, but I hope he was as tough on him as he was with Carney (although I doubt that very much). It's a shame that the GOP and the MSM have joined together to go after Bergdahl and his family simply because THIS president was able to get him released--if I'm not mistaken, the five Taliban members would've been released anyhow in 2015 because of some sort of rule in the prisoner exchange program--so why the huge uproar over getting this one remaining POW out? The only reason is that President Obama was the one to do it.

Jeff Toobin was the best part of AC's birthday tribute. He's definitely a sharp-tongued, sarcastic and witty Gemini, just like AC.