Friday, June 06, 2014

Anderson Cooper 360 Remembers D-Day 70 Years Later

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion.  AC360 took a few minutes toward the end of the program to mark the day.  

AC360 Transcript
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Jaanza said...

Although Anderson seemed to make an effort to be more centered in his coverage of Bergdahl, I think he's spending too much time on this one story.

At the start, Anderson said there were still questions, "…we do not have all the facts…", there's "no direct evidence" Bergdahl collaborated with the Taliban and some of the sources of most of the anti-Bergdahl rhetoric were "unreliable". There was a report by Barbara Starr and a panel with David Rohde and Dan O'Shea. I did not pay close attention; other than a new finding that Bergdahl may have been abused in captivity, it all sounded like I've heard it before.

The second segment had a clip with Susan Rice, National Security Advisor. It was good to see another Obama administration person get time on 360 (Jay Carney was on a couple days ago). Ed Lavendera's report on Bergdahl's hometown of Halley ID and how town folk are dealing with the backlash was nicely done and sympathetic towards them. Also the theme of the panel with Robert Baer and David Rohde seemed to be 'let's give this guy a break until we know more facts'.

Next up was Anderson's interview with Marcus Luttrell, former Navy Seal. I checked out other channels. No offense to Luttrell but after the first two segments I was a little burned out on the Bergdahl/POW topic. How unpatriotic of me on this special date.

Kyung Lah reported on the new info on the Seattle Pacific University shooting an the young man who stopped the shooter. Her report was much more interesting than Anderson's interview with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray who didn't exactly speak but more like droned on and on.

Obama made a short appearance on 360 today without being dissed. A clip of his speech at the Normandy beaches for the 70th anniversary of D-Day was shown. FDR's speech of the original D-Day got longer play. But you can't beat the recollections of soldiers who actually participated, the show ended with a terrific piece with exactly that.

I haven't seen any ratings news all week. At least for a couple more days I'll remain blissfully ignorant of the numbers.

aries moon said...

Anderson made a statement about how there's been too much speculation and information devoid of facts tossed around on the Bowe Bergdahl case and he said that was not going to be happening on 360. That's a great principle to stand on but I'm not sure they lived up to it fully on Friday's show but it was better overall than the past few days. I wish Anderson would look into the history and background of some of the guys in Bergdahl's platoon--a lot has been coming out about their not-so-stellar reputations and behavior and anti-liberal/Obama agendas.

Marcus Luttrell may not have liked the Taliban prisoner swap deal, but I'm sure Bowe Bergdahl's family feels quite differently. Shame on the nasty, un-American people who caused the homecoming celebration for Bergdahl to be cancelled.