Monday, June 09, 2014

Anderson Cooper Experiences A Schizophrenia Simulator

Anderson Cooper wore a simulation device to find out what it's like for people who have schizophrenia/hear voices in their head.  Tonight, on AC360, he sat down with the woman who created the device.

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

Another day, another hour mostly watching Hayes. For the first segment, that's not Anderson's fault. I was simply fed up with all the gun violence lately and didn't want to hear about the Las Vegas shooting. I just had to take the 'bury my head in the sand' approach. I switched to Hayes was covering Virginia politics in relation to Medicaid expansion.

Thanks, ATA, for posting the second segment "Exercise in Empathy: Hearing Voices". I was channel surfing (all over, not just MSNBC) and missed the start. So I missed the connection to any recent news story and thought this report was taken from Anderson's work on '60 Minutes'. This topic might have been fascinating for some viewers but I returned to channel surfing. That's just me; evil unempathic me.

Maybe it's something more that being unempathic; I couldn't get into the Bergdahl segment either. However, I appreciated that 360 included a clip of Jani Bergdahl (the mom) making a statement about her son. There was a report covering Bergdahl's disappearance from his camp (labeled LIVE). Then Anderson questioned Jim Sciutto and Dana Bash.

Drew Griffin was brought back for a VA hospital segment because of a new report detailing the number of veterans waiting for care. What's needed on 360 is a report covering the rise in numbers of veterans from recent wars (two Gulf wars, Afghanistan, even Bosnia) and the aging of Korean and Viet Nam veterans. And compare those numbers with the increase in VA hospitals or clinics or personnel to care for those veterans. Also add in a cold hard look at VA funding from Congress, including scrutinizing bills -both passed and unpassed - concerning VA funding and for the unpassed ones a study of who the big names were who spoke against those bills and also voted no. That's how you hold politicians accountable.

Randi Kaye filed a report on the limo/van crash that injured Tracy Morgan and killed another guy. The report (labelled LIVE) started out well. Kaye covered the who, what, where and why of the crash. But the ending was cheesy. Kaye showed and talked about photos Morgan put on the web of him at an event before the crash. Kaye, "...he's smiling...' '...but now there's little to smile about.' Other times I could have let this slide but today it felt like 8th grade student newspaper journalism. However to be nice, I won't mention Kaye's black tank top because, hey, that's what all news professionals are wearing nowadays. So nope, not one word about her attire.

I'll end with a few words about Anderson's tie. It was a nice shade of blue.

aries moon said...

Excellent discussion of the Las Vegas/Extremist shootings with SPLC's Mark Potok and a former skinhead. It's rare to hear such blunt talk on AC360 about the main factors that contribute to mindsets such as the couple who went on the shooting spree--Potok immediately attributed the majority of these attitudes to the election of President Obama--this is something that many of us have known for years--the anti-government/Obama rhetoric from the GOP/Tea Party and right wing media stirs up the sort of anger that spilled over in Vegas and in Georgia and also with the Cliven Bundy situation. I'm glad the interview was live and unedited because both guests had a wealth of information and knowledge on the subject and made it one of the best segments AC360 has done in a long time. A serious, relevant and important discussion that needs to happen more often on the show.

The schizophrenia report was odd and unexpected, but still gave some good insight into how traumatic it is to experience it even as briefly as Anderson did--the interview with the woman who developed the simulator was also very good--I liked how she asked AC what he did to manage the onslaught of voices and negativity coming at him during the experiment. I'm no expert, but that origami boat he made under duress looked pretty good considering!

Anderson made an interesting remark during the 9 pm hour of 360 about how he finally realized that the speculation and accusations directed towards Bowe Bergdahl have been inappropriate and unfair since we don't know the whole story or have all of the facts. I'm glad he came to realize that in the end, but as a reporter that's the attitude he's supposed to START with on any story--don't immediately run with the prevailing (and sometimes politically motivated) sentiment being pushed by folks with not so hidden agendas.