Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Monday's RidicuList: The Owl Whisperer

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Jaanza said...

As is often the case, I got to 360 late, four minutes late. Drew Griffin's VA hospital report was already in progress and for that reason I checked Hayes. Hayes was covering the Iraq almost civil war so I stayed with MSNBC.

Anderson covered Iraq in his second segment. Nic Robertson and Arwa Damon reported on the latest news, Al Maliki, the possibility of a new Iraqi government and Shia forces mobilizing. Anderson also spoke with Major Gen. James Marks and Philip Mudd about military details like the battles, the armies and if Iraqi jihadists would come to the West and wreck havoc.
I saw most of this segment but also noticed that Hayes devoted his second segment to the three Al Jezeera journalists who were sentenced to prison in Cairo. Anderson never mentioned these guys.

The segment full of "ISIS Terror Tactics" could have been included in the Marks & Mudd panel. I wasn't interested enough in this topic to watch a whole segment on it.

Last week Hillary Clinion commented that she and Bill were broke when they left the White House. That comment and how they made a truckload of money since 1/20/01 was all over other news media last week. Today 360 got around to reporting on it; Anderson had a detailed look at how much the Clintons made and how. Then he had to let David Gergen and Maggie Haberman opine about it. Hayes had a much better segment about school segregation and racial integration.

But I came back for the Ridiculist and I'm glad I did. It was something new, I hadn't seen the video before and the owl was adorable.

I'm glad Anderson is back in NYC, back home safe and sound. But his homecoming would have been better if he let me tweak the story selection for Monday's show.

aries moon said...

I thought I heard Anderson welcome Phillip Mudd as a new contributor on CNN/AC360--that was a good move on their part because he's very knowledgeable and has a no-nonsense, truth-telling style that is needed on 360 when they have off the rails and inaccurate guests like John McCain on.

Rachel Maddow did a piece on how Syria has turned over all of its Chemical weapons--a pretty important development and I don't think AC mentioned it or saw it in the bulletin. Several months ago AC and various national security pundits were highly skeptical that the Obama Administration's strategy for getting the weapons would be doable but it worked and now silence on 360 about it all.

Skipped Drew Griffin's VA report.

Loved the Ridiculist--the owl and the hysterical guy trying to get it out of his house made me laugh.

doglover said...

So good to see AC back on the desk, his coverage from Syria was very good-but wouldn't expect anything else from him. When he is on assignment etc the interviews etc have a much different approach & more interesting. The issue of medical care for Veterans gets more unbelievable all the time am sure more to come. seems Iraq will be an ongoing problem, enjoyed the interviews with Philip Mudd & Major Marks.AC seems to get good views from his guests ( at least most of the time!) Iraq will be a hot spot for some time with the danger of spreading to other areas. Andersonm's tribute to his friend Fauad Ajami although brief was nicely done. The clip with Hilary Clinton didn't really impress me as I am not a Clinton fan. The Ridiculist was a good chuckle including Andersons laugh. As for previous posts regarding his recent property purchase & his personal life, I have always noticed & felt that his is very careful if not private about his personal life k& friends I think he kprotects a heart well and yet is patient & co-operate about intrusion by fans & some not so fans espec. on S.M. sites where so many comments are very inappropriate. I have personally found that a request for a favor etc has been nicely dealt with. Respect for one's personal life deserves just that.

Anonymous said...

@doglover: You can tell you're not a Clinton fan, and neither is
Anderson so you have something in common.
And by the way, the spelling of the former Secry of State's name, like her or not, is Hillary.
She just may be your President some day real soon.
Oh...that's right you're from Canada...

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:36 - Why the bitterness? I thought all fans were welcome on this site, not just those from the U.S. I am from the U.S. and fan of the Clinton's, but must say that Hillary has flubbed the $$ question in a couple of interviews. If she runs, and I'm hoping she will, she needs to work on some issues that have become apparent in her book release interviews.

I'm so happy that Anderson hasn't had John McCain on lately and seems to be getting some more sensible and balanced voices when it comes to the Iraq discussions.

Unfortunately, 360 will pretty much never cover positive news about President Obama and certainly won't admit it when they were wrong about something.

I'm over Drew Griffin and the VA scandal landed in his lap, he didn't uncover it. I'm tired of AC360/CNN making it sound like they broke the story.

I much prefer Anderson in the field to sitting behind the anchor desk. I'm guessing Anderson is more involved/has more control over content when he's in the field and that makes for a more solid program. I like John Berman, but Friday's AC360 was a mess content wise and the studio shows often get stuck with a topic or two and misses the broader scope of what's happening outside their newsroom.

@doglover, I hope you continue to comment on this site. It's always interesting to read comments and hear people's different opinions on Anderson and AC360.