Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Preview of Anderson Cooper's Appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman & Wednesday's RidicuList

@Late Show posted these tweets promoting Anderson's appearance tonight and included a short preview video with the second one.

The source of their research?

AC360 Transcript
AC360 Podcast

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Anonymous said...

Lara Logan was made a scapegoat for the Benghzi '60 Minutes fiasco.'
Her appology, "We were midled and we were wrong," should have been sufficient.
If the report was wrong in many aspects, as TVN is claiming, than there were "others" involved in getting this "incorrect account"
on the air. Don't they have research checkers??
Yes, they do but they are MEN.

Jaanza said...

I'm not sure what to make of Anderson's coverage of Bergdahl and the POW swap on Wednesday. At the start he said it was a "controversy" and there was a "firestorm" about it. But when discussing with Barbara Starr he also pointed out "there's a lot we don't know about the circumstances..." 360 had a video of the transfer as it happened in Afghanistan which played again so Jim Sciutto could add more narration and analysis. Then David Rohde, Dan O'Shea and Peter Bergen added their analysis and perspective. Bergen also pointed out there's "much we don't know" at this point and he pointed out that all the complaints about how Bergdahl disappeared are from now, not from five years ago when it happened.

Regarding the GOP complaints about Bergdahl and the five Afghans who were traded, I read an excellent account today detailing GOP calls in the past for Obama to do something to bring Bergdahl home. The GOP claimed 'Obama doesn't care about the troops!' because Bergdahl was a POW. Now that Obama brought Bergdahl home the GOP has to change their complaint. So they diss the trade and even diss Bergdahl.
And it's funny how GOPers don't remember Reagan trading arms for hostages back in 1984. Do any of them remember Oliver North?

Next segment focused on the five Afghans in the trade; would they return to fighting with the Taliban. Also questions on Bergdahls health and the future of relations with Afghanistan. Joe Johns reported and David Gergen and Maggie Hareman paneled. The segment wrapped up with a clip of Gen. McChrystal in an interview with the subtitle on the screen "McChrystal: Don't Judge Him Yet"

And again, 360 had a third segment on Bergdahl. George Powell had a report from Bergdahl's hometown in Idaho. I switched to Hayes (only the opening segment was on the Bergdahl trade) who was covering Alabama politics and a redistricting lawsuit in light of the Supreme Court's recent decision affecting the Voting Rights Act. when I got back to 360, Anderson was just wrapping up questioning a guy I did not recognize.

Anderson and 360 had a whole segment on Obama's workout (video from the hotel gym. Is this news? I was back on Hayes and when I returned to 360 the Bulletin was on it's last story about big hail.

Bears being where they don't belong was the topic of the Ridiculist. I rate it C+ because after the bear in the hammock Anderson could have shown clips of bears being a lot sillier than the bears in the clips in did show.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:48 Not sure what your comment has to do with Anderson Cooper or AC360, but Logan's producer for the segment was put on leave at the same time. I'm shocked she is coming back. From several things I've read she had an agenda with that piece and it wasn't a matter of a bad source. I'm sorry 60 Minutes is bringing her back. Gender shouldn't be an issue.

Looking forward to Anderson on with Letterman. It's usually a good discussion.

aries moon said...

Rachel Maddow made John McCain look like the phony, unprincipled hypocrite he truly is by giving numerous examples of him making suggestions on how President Obama should handle a particular political issue only to turn around and criticize POTUS for doing the EXACT thing HE suggested himself. How can McCain be taken seriously without question by the beltway media? If ANYONE warrants a KTH on AC360, it's McCain, but Anderson and his staff are seemingly deliberately blind to McCain and his shameless hypocrisy but will hunt relentlessly for any way possible to slam President Obama and the decisions he makes. This is not fair or honest reporting.

I'm too annoyed to watch AC on Letterman now, maybe tomorrow I'll be up for it.

Anonymous said...

@12:49AM: Was HER producer a man?
And was he/she absent from their job for over seven months?
According to the best seller, 'Lean In,' which it seems you haven't read, everything has to do with gender, especially in the job arena.
And what 'agenda' did Logan have, other than getting her piece on 60
Minutes? What is your source?
Just asking.