Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Flashback Series: Season Two, Episode 2, Part 1

Episode two begins on Day 4 in Scoul, Switzerland.  The players lost their belongings in the last game and are still in their same clothes.  The first games involves "new clothing options".... and eventually the group ends up in St. Moritz.

Join us next week to see the group's next game, challenge, test; and who The Mole claims as their next victim!


Anderson's 60 Minutes Report, 100,000 Homes is scheduled to re-air tonight, Sunday, June 15th.

In Honor of Father's Day ~

From Dispatches From The Edge by Anderson Cooper:

I was eight when my father took my brother and me to Mississippi to see where he was born. We drove out to Quitman, to where their house had been, but found no sign of it, just some faded bricks where the chimney once stood. He'd grown up in a small wooden house on some 250 acres of farm and pasture land. the barns were gone as well, the wood long since rotted. The pasture, the peach orchard, the cotton fields had been reclaimed by trees and underbrush, buried under canyons of kudzu.

We'd walked around Quitman, stopping in all stores, running into old friends my father had gone to school with.

My father's name was Wyatt, but in Mississippi, when he was a boy, everybody called him Buddy.

"Buddy, that boy is the spitting image of you," people said when they stopped to talk to us during that visit. It made me happy to hear, though at the time I didn't see the resemblance. Now I look at pictures of myself and I see my father's face.

If you still have your father in your life, here's hoping you celebrate him in some way today. If you have lost your father, may you be warmed by fond memories of days gone by.

The ATA Team wishes all fathers a Happy Father's Day!

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