Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Flashback Series: Season Two, Episode 1, Part 2

Part two picks up with Elavia revealing her decision about taking the exemption Anderson offered her; then players receive their journals, information is shared by most while others form a secret coalition, players participate in a game with high stakes and then it's time for their first test and first execution.....

Join us next week for episode 2 to see what challenges the contestants face next and to see if they are still wearing the same clothes!


Anderson's 60 Minutes report, Cosmic Roulette, is scheduled to re-air on CBS tonight, Sunday, June 8th and....

Anderson is scheduled to guest co-host Live with Kelly & Michael on Wednesday and Thursday, June 11th and 12th.

Guest Line Ups:
We 6/11: America Ferrera, the new Miss USA, Aretha Franklin, guest co-host Anderson Cooper
Th 6/12: Laurence Fishburne, Taylor Schilling, Martina McBride, guest co-host Anderson Cooper

We will have it covered for you.

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Anonymous said...

USA Today reported in their business section today, that Anthony Bourdain's show "Parts Unknown," is the highest rated show on CNN and anchors are becoming passe.
Jeff Zucker is in the process of searching for other talent like Bourdain to improve ratings.
Meantime CNN's forecast continues to be dismal as are most of the cable channels.
Viewership has been on a steady decline for CNN and branding has not helped.
Hope Anderson has signed a really long contract because his ratings have been decling, unlike broadcast news which has gained in viewership.